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Demineralization in a sentence

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Sentence count:16Posted:2017-11-25Updated:2017-11-25
Similar words: mineralizationgeneralizationlateralizationliberalizationtrade liberalizationcentralizationnaturalizationneutralizationMeaning: n. 1. abnormal loss of mineral salts (especially from bone) 2. the removal of minerals and mineral salts from a liquid (especially from water). random good picture
1. The demineralization was less and no collagen fibers and bacteria were found in the inner layer. A transparent layer with calcific...
2. Chinese nutgall shows the effect of inhibiting enamel demineralization through acting on enamel matrix.
3. The dialysis principle can be used for demineralization of brackish water.
4. Complete demineralization is achieved by ion exchange.
5. CEDI unit will perform a integral demineralization process of electrolysis, electrodialysis and ion - exchange.
6. This modest amount of sodium bicarbonate prevents the potassium depletion and demineralization of bone.
7. Conclusions: Lactobacillus could promote the progression of dentinal caries for its adhering to dentin and producing lactic acid and causing dentin demineralization.
8. Objective To observe the effects of remineralization, anti - demineralization and anti - caries of fluoridated milk in vitro.
9. Conclusion The application of fluor protector can restrain enamel demineralization and promote enamel remineralization.
10. Results Fluoridated milk had significant effects of remineralization , anti - demineralization and anti - caries.
11. Objective:To investigate the mechanism of the effect of Chinese nutgall on enamel demineralization.
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12. Objective:To observe and compare the inhibitory effect of two concentrations of fluor protectors on demineralization of human enamel in vitro.
13. Thus the study is designed to learn the function of the enamel matrix in demineralization and the mechanism of the Chinese nutgall inhibiting enamel demineralization.
14. The results proved that temperature was an important factor for the reactions in the demineralization and remineralization.
15. CONCLUSION: Chinese nutgall can inhibit collagen degradation and affects the further demineralization in dentin matrix, which consequently inhibit the advanced dentine caries.
16. Milk proteins could adsorb to tooth enamel surfaces selectively and form an acquired protein pellicle, which is closely related to tooth demineralization and remineralization.
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