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Mineralization in a sentence

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1. A lot of mineralization is needed to create a sedative effect, calm the nerves and promote sound sleep.
2. The mechanism of collagen mineralization was studied by ultraviolet photometry method.
3. As an important coloured-metal mineralization belt, the middle-southern Da Hinggan Mountains area may become a vital mothball metal base in 21 century.
4. Based on isotopic geochemistry, relationship between mineralization of Shanmen deposit and regional magmatic activity is discussed.
5. Its mineralization can be divided into three phases , deposition phase , metamorphism phase and reformation phase.
6. Tungsten mineralization types in Yaoling zone are divided into quartz vein, greisen, altered granite and placer.
7. The extremely poor mineralization occurred in the late clastic sedimentary stage, and corresponds to the sedimentation process of the terrigenous clastics.
8. The gold mineralization is controlled by lower carboniferous volcanic and pyroclastic sedimentary rocks, regional faults and secondary structure.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. Mineralization relates closely to the grey-white silicified rock.
10. Mineralization styles are dominantly veinlet-disseminated and veinlet, occasionally stockwork .
11. The hydrothermal gold mineralization in eastern Kunlun Mountains is strong and is closely related to tectonic-magmatic activities.
12. Discussing the effect of decollement fracture on gold mineralization, the authors consider that decollement fracture is a key ore control factor.
13. Uranic mineralization is bound up with the continental red beds which was formed under dry and hot climate, but has no relations with the marine red beds.
14. Porous CPC exhibits more bone formation and higher mineralization appositional rate than porous titanium scaffold.
15. A new thought is proposed to forecast mineralization of endogenetic deposits based on metamorphic grade of coal.
16. There are vertical zoning of mineralization, that is chalcocite in the upper, enargite at the elevation between 580 to 400m, and chalcopyrite below the 400m.
17. The gold enrichment and mineralization in the mine field are in close relationship with early-Yanshanian syntectictype Xiongcun massif and (quartz) diorite-porphyrite veins.
18. In the ore field, the mineralization and alteration is intensive distributed in the wall rocks. The skarn alteration, silicification and epidotization are most correlative to metallogenesis.
19. The uranium mineralization occurs in migmatite in the form of disseminated uraninite is a new type found in south China.
20. The relation between redox property and uranium mineralization of local discharge source is studied based on geological background, hydro-geology condition of Gongpoquan basin.
21. Hypophosphatasia is a rare inherited metabolic disease of decreased tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNSALP) and defective bone mineralization .
22. The results of this study have provided theoretic basis for further investigation on the mechanism of the calcium transportation, dentin mineralization and signal transduction hi odontoblast cells.
23. The deposit was produced by superimposition of the hot-water sedimentary mineralization and magmatic hydatogenesis.
24. The goals of this study were to examine how DMP1 controls dentin mineralization and odontogenesis in vivo.
25. Gold deposits of potassic-alteration rock type has been found recent years in the west of well known Yanshan gold mineralization belt, Hebei province.
26. The anomalous indicatrices of surface mine, hidden deposit and dispersed mineralization are different too.
27. Both of the remelting and mixed source types of granite in South China are associated with W-Sn mineralization but the former is dominant .
28. The Malutang Au deposit is controlled by NW-trending fractures with Au mineralization associated with pyritization, arsenopyrite mineralization and silicification .
29. It improves the progress capability and efficacy about the depuration activation mineralization of water. Every aspect takes precedence of every kinds of solid ceramic ball.
30. The directly sign of deposits is that the contact-belt of magma with stratums , the areas where have been had the mineralization such as molybdenite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, silicon, limonite and so on.
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