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Unnecessarily in a sentence

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Similar words: necessarilyunnecessarynecessaryif necessaryaccessarynecessitynecessitatemake a virtue of necessityMeaning: adv. 1. in an unnecessary manner 2. without any necessity. 
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(1) I don't want to invade your private life unnecessarily.
(2) It would be foolish to raise hopes unnecessarily.
(3) You are being unnecessarily perverse.
(4) They were being unnecessarily pedantic by insisting that Berry himself, and not his wife, should have made the announcement.
(5) I don't want to worry you unnecessarily.
(6) The silence lengthened as Thorne unnecessarily shuffled some papers.
(7) The tone of the interview was unnecessarily patronizing.
(8) Some parents worry unnecessarily about their children.
(9) They have pulled out patients' teeth unnecessarily.
(10) We do not want to prolong the meeting unnecessarily.
(11) A bad keyboard can make life unnecessarily difficult.
(12) There's no point worrying him unnecessarily.
(13) You do worry unnecessarily[ ], you know.
(14) Of course we don't want to alarm people unnecessarily, but they should be alerted to potential dangers.
(15) An inattentive pupil is unnecessarily an unclever boy or a girl.
(16) You're worrying yourself unnecessarily.
(17) The report paints an unnecessarily bleak picture of the town.
(18) However, a fixed cut off point seems unnecessarily prescriptive.
(19) Do not exert yourself unnecessarily.
(20) To raise her hope unnecessarily would be unforgivable.
(21) I didn't want to dash your hopes unnecessarily.
(22) He's not going to step out of line unnecessarily.
(23) But the disabilities act, they said, sometimes requires unnecessarily expensive solutions.
(24) She is a shrewd politician who wants to avoid offending the electorate unnecessarily.
(25) The agency has been vilified by some doctors for being unnecessarily slow to approve life-saving drugs.
(26) Norman agreed that the wording of the advertisement was unnecessarily offensive and it was changed.
(27) The decision by the headmaster was called in doubt by some of the teachers who thought it unnecessarily harsh.
(28) A lot of people are classed as mad and shut away unnecessarily.
(29) I didn't want to upset my husband or my daughter unnecessarily.
(30) She noticed Kattina sat on the low sofa beside her, and sat unnecessarily close.
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