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Thalamic in a sentence

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1) She also developed thalamic pain syndrome, a special complication in stroke when the patient has suffered really severe brain trauma.
2) The fourth-layer cortical neurons receiving that thalamic input send most of their outputs up to the second and third layers of cortex.
3) There were intense immunopositive glial cells in thalamic ventroposterior nucleus and lateral geniculate body.
4) Objective To observe the thalamic origin of the supplementary motor area.
5) This method is suitable for tongue type fracture,( thalamic transverse fracture and some extra-articular fractures.
6) Without the presence of a functional thalamic connection, Flower concludes that sentience is not possible.
7) Anterograde amnesia and minimal retrograde amnesia with thalamic and hippocampal lesions in neuro-Behcet's disease is rare.
8) The presence of callosal and thalamic projections from graft to host suggest that reconstruction of damaged neural circuity is possible.
9) Objective To investigate the toxic damage Jn thalamic tissue mused by thrombin and whether can be reversed.
10) Conclusion Damage to the thalamic tissue might be caused by thrombin and reversed by hirudin.
11) The mediodorsal nucleus and thalamic reticular nucleus were also found mildly labeled.
12) CONCLUSIONS: Sleep spindles are generated by the thalamic reticular nucleus in conjunction with specific thalamic nuclei and are modulated by corticothalamic and thalamocortical connections.
13) The mamillo- thalamic projections arised from either the medial mammillary nucleus or the lateral mammillary nucleus.
14) In anterior thalamic nucleus corticothalamic projection neuron terminals form asymmetric synaptic contacts with HRP-labelled thalamocortical projection neurons by axo-dendritic synapses.
15) Its reversibility and adaptability make chronic Vim thalamic stimulation preferable to thalamotomy and ventral lateral nucleus damage method.
16) We joke a lot about medical students wanting a thalamic stimulator while learning gross anatomy.
17) The effect of electrical stimulation of substantia nigra, pars reticulata(SNR). on the ventromedial thalamic nucleus(VM)was investigated using extracellular-recording method in rats.
18) Objective To study the clinical characteristics and effects of surgical treatment of children with thalamic tumors.
19) Conclusion Ventricular extradrainage and lumbar puncture can reduce the mortality and disability rate of hypertensive thalamic hemorrhage of ventricular type.
20) The synaptic relationships between the trigeminothalamic terminals and thalamocortical relay neurons were investigated in the ventroposteromedial thalamic nucleus of the cat.
21) Aphasic examination revealed aphasia in 17 cases with dominant thalamic stroke.
22) The reduction in tonic inhibitory drive from the basal ganglia induces a disinhibition of activity in the VM, a motor thalamic nucleus.
23) Elecron microscopic observations reveal that the primary trigeminal afferent terminals formed asymmetrical axodendritic synapses with thalamic projection neurons.
24) A great number of labeled cells were found in the ipsilateral thalamic gelationosus, the anteromedial, the rhomboid, the ventrolateral and the ventromedial nucleus.
25) Conclusion The terminals of projection neurons in the pathway linking the anterior thalamic nucleus and the subicular complex are glutamatergic.
26) Objective To investigate the effect of high frequency electrical stimulation in the thalamic reticular nucleus(TRN) on the epileptic rats evoked by Pentylenetetrazol(PTZ).
27) Objective To report an approach for removing the medial type of thalamic gliomas.
28) Objective To examine the synaptic structure and glutamatergic transmitter of the pathway linking the anterior thalamic nucleus(ATN) and the subicular complex.
29) It is suggested that the nerve fibres of the limbic system projecting to the mediodcrsal thalamic nucleus is important in regulating actions of thc viscera.
30) Objective To discuss and summarize the neuropsychological disorders of thalamic lesions.
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