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Substantiating in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2018-04-10Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: substantiationtransubstantiationsubstantiatesubstantiatedunsubstantiatedsubstantiasubstantialsubstantiallyMeaning: [səb'stænʃɪeɪt]  adj. serving to support or corroborate. 
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1. We have evidence to substantiate the allegations against him.
2. There is little scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.
3. They made accusations which could not be substantiated.
4. Reports that children had been hurt have not been substantiated.
5. The results of the tests substantiated his claims.
6. Earlier reports of gunshots have not been substantiated.
7. Katzen offered little evidence to substantiate his claims .
8. Do you have any proof to substantiate your alibi?
9. Dodds' argument from silence asserts the existence of a doctrine not substantiated by available evidence.
10. To substantiate claims of priority,(Sentencedict) etc. 8.
11. He has made an allegation, and I expect him to substantiate it.
12. Though the standard of evidence we demand to substantiate extraordinary claims is high, it is not impossibly high.
13. Thus, a certain historical myopia is required to substantiate territorial claims.
14. He asked Wong to require the organization to substantiate its claim.
15. This is important as video evidence of illegal activities etc., can later be used in court to substantiate the groups claims.
16. Historians do not make bald statements and always attempt to substantiate their point.
17. They pay scant attention to the facts, rarely being bothered to research them or substantiate them.
18. But these are no greater than are required to substantiate a claim to professional status.
19. The facts substantiated your statement.
20. He was forced from office partly on allegations of corruption, including drug trafficking, that were never substantiated in court.
21. Provide information substantiating that the need exists, when possible, through the use of statistics or quotes from experts or constituents.
22. Applicator's Qualification: List of references substantiating experience.
23. In this report, we describe significant progress toward substantiating that possibility.
24. The distraction of "improving the mind" and substantiating an illusory sense of self will cease, and the experience of Self, the Christ that you are, will be what is left.
25. This is not invariable, but its occurrence can provide substantiating evidence of epilepsy.
26. As a practical matter, a receipt showing the amount of the expense is an absolute prerequisite to substantiating a travel expense.
27. The skill of research is in accessing fundamental points quickly and substantiating them with hard data.
28. The accuracy of the experiment is 91.89% in open test and 99.4% in close test, substantiating the wonderful performance of dependency relationship analysis and Bayes Model.
29. Locate the evidence: If management cannot produce evidence that the control activity or monitor is working, i. e. , any substantiating documentation, consider whether the control exists.
30. For any account change made pursuant to the preceding paragraph, both parties shall provide substantiating written documentation.
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