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Slow down in a sentence

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Synonym: deceleratedecompressloosen uprelaxretardslackslackenslowslow upunbendunwindSimilar words: slotslopepowdercrowdedas long asovercrowdedlowflowMeaning: v. 1. lose velocity; move more slowly 2. become slow or slower 3. cause to proceed more slowly 4. reduce the speed of 5. become less tense, rest, or take one's ease. 
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1. Friction gradually caused the sliding box to slow down and stop.
2. Slow down - you're breaking the speed limit.
3. Before turning, you should slow down your car.
4. You drive round corners too fast - just slow down a bit!
5. Slow down - you're driving too fast.
6. Slow down, you two, you're walking too fast!
7. You should slow down as you approach the junction.
8. Slow down?there are speed traps along this stretch of road.
9. You have to slow down your car at the crossing.
10. Slow down, I need a minute to catch my breath.
11. Can we slow down? I've got a stitch.
12. Their rate of metabolism may slow down.
13. Slow down your car.
14. You'd better slow down, that car was flashing at you.
15. Slow down a little-you're muddling me.
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16. The doctor has told him to slow down or he'll have a heart attack.
17. You must slow down a little or you'll make yourself ill.
18. There was a sign telling motorists to slow down.
19. Slow down! I can't keep pace with you.
20. Whatever you do, slow down and take your time.
21. Can we slow down and walk for a bit? I'm getting a stitch.
22. Slow down on the tight bends.
23. We turned to see the approaching car slow down.
24. Drugs can slow down the progression of the disease.
25. Okay, guys, slow down. No more roughhousing.
26. It is important to slow down, rest, and eat sensibly.
27. You really ought to slow down.
28. Life never stops pushing forward. Stay focused and never slow down with regrets.
29. The threat of global warming will eventually force the US to slow down its energy consumption.
30. There is no cure for the disease, although drugs can slow down its rate of development.
More similar words: slotslopepowdercrowdedas long asovercrowdedlowflowallowlowerbelowglowerblow upblow outblow offfollowallow forswallowshallowyellowpillowblow overfollow updownas followsfollowingdownsget downwidowgo down
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