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Silicic in a sentence

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(1) These interfering substances are adsorbed on to zeolite, silicic acid, or magnesium silicate.
(2) The paper studies sand consolidation act of alkaline silicic acid gel and discusses the mechanism of alkaline silicic acid gel used for sand control and contrasts with acidity silicic acid gel.
(3) Based on aluminium sulphate, ferric sulphate and silicic acid, polysilicate aluminium ferric (PSAF) being used as a flocculant has been synthesized.
(4) The product made by putting the poly silicic acid which is polymerized with soluble glass into poly iron has better flocculation effect and is cheaper in price.
(5) The process of polymerization of silicic acid was observed by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM).
(6) Alkaline silicic acid gel is an important agent used for water shutoff in oilfield. It can be prepared by adding the activator to the water glass under alkaline condition.
(7) The viscosity of polymerized silicic acid was an important factor that impacted the coagulation property of polysilicate coagulants.
(8) Silicic acid had no effect on soil pH, ammonium accumulation and the rate of N mineralization.
(9) With further hydrolysis in the body tissues, silicic acid could be formed.
(10) Dyestuff, pesticide, silicic acid, glycerin, white, carbon black, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, assistant, etc.
(11) The hydrated silicic acid slurry can be prepared through the reaction of water-glass and sulfuric acid, water-washing and homogenization treatment.
(12) The silicic acid gelatin and the formation of Si hydroxy group on the materials' surface had an important effect on nucleation and amount of HCA.
(13) Low - grade hematite, acid, acid and sodium silicate were used to prepare poly - silicic - ferric chloride sulfate ( PSFCS ).
(14) This experiment aluminum chloride makes under the certain condition gathers the silicic aluminum chloride ( PASC ).
(15) As this lava began to crystallize, it would have differentiated to produce a more silicic melt that was enriched in thorium.
(16) Methods: Using eudragitrs 100, triethyl citrate, hydrated magnesium silicate, magnesium stearate, silicic acid anhydride, povidone K30 and etc as capsules preparation materials.
(17) Two inorganic macromolecule flocculants: zinc polysilicate(PSAZ) and aluminum polysilicate(PSAA) were prepared by adding metallic ion into polymeric silicic acid solution, respectively.
(18) The volcanic successions comprise thick piles of basaltic lavas and subordinate intermediate and silicic lavas and pyroclastics.
(19) Mica is a kind of slice state and high conformation silicic acid mineral, which is novel industrialization filling compound.
(20) This passage introduced how to develop the new flocculants (PFZSS) for wastewater treatment through adding iron(III) ion zinc(II) ion in the silicic acid and controlling the reactive condition.
(21) In each bimodal volcanic succession, there exists a differentiation crystallization relationship between basic and silicic lavas .
(22) Irritating to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Hydrolysis of silane inside of body tissues may produce silicic acid. Highly flammable. This product may spontaneously combust in air.
(23) The process involves taking titanium dioxide and treating it with silica, silicone grease or silicic acid for a few minutes.
(24) In this paper the author has analyzed the destructive reasons and studied some repair methods, especially introduced mix proportion and properties of steel fiber silicic concrete in detail.
(25) The action model of aluminum and poly-silicate was proposed to be based on the polymeric mechanism of silicic acid and the nature of aluminum in this paper.
(26) The system investigated are the solutions of monosilicic acid and poly silicic acids with different polymerization degrees.
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