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Rest on in a sentence

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Sentence count:133Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: restoreinvestorbest of allancestorforestarrestfor the restinterestMeaning: v. 1. rest on for support 2. be based on; of theories and claims, for example. 
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1. Their main hopes rest on their new striker.
2. His eyes came to rest on Clara's face.
3. All our hopes now rest on you.
4. The government can't rest on its laurels and must press ahead with major policy changes.
5. The mine finally came to rest on the sea bed.
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6. His argument does not rest on reasoning or on experiment, but on authority.
7. My eyes came to rest on a photograph of a young man.
8. Leadership does not rest on the exercise of force alone.
9. The giant pots rest on wheel-rims glowing with charcoal.
10. Both objections rest on a yet broader objection.
11. His elbows rest on his knees.
12. You can never rest on your laurels.
13. It will sell the rest on the open market.
14. The latter's relics rest on the main altar.
15. Theories of compensatory education rest on certain important assumptions.
16. If people need a rest on the way what's wrong with sitting on the ground?
17. In promoting an easy social atmosphere, rest on your own self-confidence which is soundly based.
18. Papinian's divergent decision seems to rest on more implacable opposition to infringing freedom of testation.
19. He let his hammer rest on the shoe sole and looked up.
20. I, naturally, should want most to see the things which have become dear to me through my years of darkness. You, too[], would want to let your eyes rest on the things that have become dear to you so that you could take the memory of them with you into the night that loomed before you.
21. Just because you've got your degree doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels.
22. Give me 100 dollars down and we'll put the rest on the cuff.
23. Her eyes closed tight shut, and her forehead came to rest on the hands that gripped the bedpost.
24. From time to time she would glance back into the room, her eyes coming to rest on the casually seated figure of Tsu Ma.
25. Take the frozen water bottle, remove the lid, invert and rest on the compost towards the centre of the plants.
26. If faith is to be solidly grounded at all, it must rest on some more secure foundation than that.
27. There I was, falling through the air, blood pouring from my temple, coming to rest on the snow.
28. The design specifications had called for the columns to rest on bedrock that supported a weight of seven tons per square foot.
29. Every now and then there are ledges I can rest on and even enjoy myself for a little while.
30. On market-days and fair-days the cattle were driven along the streets or allowed to rest on the roadway.
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