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Rejection rate in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2020-06-21Updated:2020-06-21
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1. Our rejection rate is less than two percent.
2. In pterygium group, the rejection rate was 17. 6% , and no rejection occurred in corneal dermoid tumor group.
3. Real time tests yielded a false rejection rate of 0.47% and a false acceptance rate of zero.
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4. The experiments show that the false rejection rate and false acceptance rate are decreased obviously.
5. Rejection rate can be greatly reduced by employing this new developed device.
6. One firm says the rejection rate for its visa applications has doubled, to 40%.
7. The average membrane rejection rate of bacteria, coliform and thermotolerant coliform was 98.42%, 95.99% and 98.78% respectively. The explanation of lower rejection rate was discussed.
8. A high rejection rate due to spun articles, grammar or spelling will result in the contract being canceled without any payment.
9. Casting quality and rejection rate are remarkably affected by the quality and property of molding sand, in the process of clay sand green mold casting.
10. The rejection rate decreases with accretion of pressure and cycling flux and rises with increment of temperature and mass fraction of the material.
11. The rejection rate of our products this month is zero.
12. Analyses are also made on the rejection rate, malfunction rate as well as the failure probability of the logic voter system.
13. The pressure on the welders would have involved a very high rejection rate - a problem overcome by robot welding.
14. The technology of traditional quenched and tempered medium carbon steel sliding yoke is very complicated and it has high rejection rate too.
15. It's shown by experimentation that the sum of false acceptance rate and false rejection rate is below 1 percent.
16. Through the parameters adjusting, system may achieve certain false acceptance rate and false rejection rate, and can satisfy the basic demand of the field of civilian fingerprint identification.
17. The experiment result show that the recognition rate making use of our method is 97. 33%, and the false rejection rate (FRR) and false acceptance rate (FAR) can attain lower level.
18. In order to solve the problem of higher product rejection rate and higher rate of equipment failures in machining production line, A Toyota Production System (TPS) implementing group has been set up.
19. Experiment results show that false acceptance rate is 9 percent while false rejection rate is 0 percent for random forgery.
20. The average recognition accuracy is 86.33% with 3.46 candidate number (the number was 10 before rejection) on an average, and the total error rejection rate is 0.27%.
21. As a result, for images with complex backgrounds, a fixed decision boundary skin-color model may lead to high false rejection rate and false detection rate.
22. Simulation result shows that under normal system load range, the proposed strategy reduces the task rejection rate effectively while keeping runtime overhead manageable.
23. Utilizes the balanced coagulation technology solution plate class casting the entrapped slag, the sand inclusion, flaws and so on blowhole, improves the casting quality, reduces rejection rate.
24. The only thing missing is a quote or two from the Canadian government on how they sniff out fake documents, their rejection rate, etc.
25. Short-term ATG induction therapy with delayed administration of calcineurin inhibitors led to a more favorable rejection rate and an improved clinical course in case of a rejection episode.
26. Combined heart and kidney transplantation (CHRT) has been an acceptable therapeutic option with a lower allograft rejection rate than isolated heart or kidney transplantation.
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