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Reevaluation in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-03-07Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: performance evaluationreevaluateevaluationdevaluationrevaluationjob evaluationpolicy evaluationvaluationMeaning: n. the evaluation of something a second time (or more). 
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1. These exceptional items reflect charges arising from the Ultramar downstream disposals and re-evaluation of assets and reserves.
2. Such a re-evaluation requires a debate on issues of central importance for both the professionals and researchers involved.
3. White was discharged following her re-evaluation by the research team.
4. The possibility of a new way of looking opens up exciting possibilities for the re-evaluation of many genres of photography.
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5. Chupp adds that the existence of strong neutron fluxes may also require re-evaluation of some previously observed solar events.
6. Reviewing current materials is a good first step for any re-evaluation of approaches to education.
7. Jo Saunders, a Re-evaluation Co-counsellor came to suss me out and see whether I was worthy of her efforts.
8. Demands of work, family, and church can require reevaluation.
9. Criteria for selection, evaluation and reevaluation shall be established.
10. The need for reevaluation of thyroid function in these patients within 6–12 months after starting metformin is indicated.
11. The third part of the thesis is a reevaluation of Woolf's cultural identity.
12. After some recovery time, reevaluation, prayer and Bible study, I began to get a healthy balance.
13. A comprehensive reevaluation of surgical anatomy, techniques, indications and clinical outcome of conjunctival Tenon's mobilisation will be presented.
14. The maximum number of rule reevaluation iterations within one policy execution cycle. The default is 65536.
15. The realization of the drug reevaluation system is developing gradually in China.
16. Studies from the angle of literary institution are not only fruitful to our reevaluation of literariness , but also conducive to literary study.
17. It then invokes the update() method to let the rules execution engine know about this change, which should trigger a reevaluation of the conditional elements of the rules that reference objectA.
18. The complete understanding of the properties of left-handed materials requires the reevaluation of some well-known facts of the electromagnetic theory.
19. Secondary interpretation to log information of old oilfields has very important significance on reservoir reevaluation.
20. The era of mass higher education calls for a reevaluation to the inherent logic of university education and for a perspective of whole-person development to discuss future higher education.
21. He recommends a system consisting of four steps: evaluation, communication, conviction, and periodic reevaluation .
22. A secondary objective was to establish a solid interdisciplinary workflow to support periodic reevaluation and update of the study.
23. A key component of personal finance is financial planning, a dynamic process that requires regular monitoring and reevaluation .
24. The changes to our society would have to be extensive and complete, with the complete replacement of our use of fossil fuels for energy and a total reevaluation of our daily lifestyles.
25. Chinese monetary policy has recently emerged in the headlines, as America and several other major economies have been pushing for the reevaluation of the yuan.
26. An altered level of consciousness indicates the need for immediate reevaluation of the patient's oxygenation, ventilation, and perfusion status.
27. Applying the fiber-optic probe temperature monitoring device, a critical reevaluation of all four reactions has provided no evidence for the existence of nonthermal microwave effects.
28. Beauty, charm and aesthetics are also worthy of your reevaluation, and thinking about what makes something or someone pleasing is a big part of that lesson.
29. The lower limit of forest price should be determined by the current cost of silviculture and reevaluation of capital.
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