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Reconfigurable in a sentence

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1. Using the reconfigurable system based on FPGA controlled by CPLD in the reconfigurable implementation of BP train Network and BP implement Network of Artificial Nerual Network.
2. Domains specific reconfigurable function unit (DSRFU) can still speedup the applications, while providing domain flexibility.
3. Future versions will leverage the ship's reconfigurable payload capacity for a wide range of missions, including anti-piracy.
4. According to the method of modular design of reconfigurable machine tool, a multifunctional system for micro electro-discharge machining(EDM) and electrochemical micromachining(EMM) was designed.
5. A new reconfigurable microminiature tool storage control system is designed and applied on reconfigurable microminiature numerical control machine tools.
6. Based on the abstract model of reconfigurable hardware resources, we use Hybrid Tasks Directed Acyclic Graph (HTDAG) to describe an application and propose a list scheduling algorithm.
7. Dynamically reconfigurable system constructed with FPGA is one of the means of studying high-performance computing, which give effective provide to pattern recognition research.
8. The combination of DSP processors and reconfigurable computing technology has the promising potential to improve the single DSP processor performance to a higher level.
9. Reconfigurable processing element array is a key component in RCA.
10. In chapter 4, embedded real - time reconfigurable operation system which supports IRL platform is described in detail.
11. Firstly introduces system architectures of reconfigurable system, then presents an example of embedded real-time control application through which a methods for designing reconfigu...
12. Linear array with reconfigurable pipelined bus system(LARPBS)is a parallel computational model based on optical bus. Many researchers have developed efficient parallel algorithm on this model.
13. In this paper, the design of a reconfigurable programmable digital and analog development system is introduced.
14. The combination of DSP processors and reconfigurable computing technology has the promising potent i.
15. The concept and design principle of reconfigurable cipher coprocessor are proposed in this paper.
15. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
16. When a common positive definite matrix can not be found to design fuzzy model-based controller, the improved adaptive reconfigurable control scheme based on fuzzy model and neural network is proposed.
17. Reconfigurable hardware unit is the kernel element of the reconfigurable computing system, which could be configured into diverse hardware logic to achieve multiple functions and applications.
18. Experiment result showed that the compilation approach can efficiently improve the execution speed of the applied algorithm on dynamically reconfigurable architecture.
19. Then based on this design, varactor diode is adopted in the reconfigurable antenna, and continuous alteration of antenna pattern and gain is achieved.
20. Another key problem is how to reduce the reconfiguration time to increase the performance of reconfigurable system.
21. Compared with FPGAs, this PLD that has new SRAM-based on architectures can realize complex state machine and decoder more effectively in dynamic reconfigurable system.
22. The EEPROM programmable technology in CPLDs can't be used in dynamic reconfigurable system.
23. A temporal task partitioning algorithm for multi-objective optimization was proposed to improve the execution efficiency of dynamically reconfigurable systems.
24. In the ALU, we integrate the method of equinoctial node-group and conditional sum adder to design reconfigurable ALU, and join negative logic circuit design design principle into it.
25. In this article, we will introduce an antenna structure with reconfigurable pattern, which comprising an active antenna and current draggers.
26. It functions as a technical support for the research of stretch forming process over reconfigurable tooling.
27. This paper proposes a complete Internet - based formula for FPGA partial dynamical reconfigurable system.
28. In this paper, the data path of a high performance reconfigurable DSP processor is introduced.
29. Reconfigurable system is a software-hardware mixed system. It generally contains microprocessor as the primary controller of the system and several reconfigurable hardware blocks as accelerators.
30. The system adopts the design scheme of multi-patterns normalization, dynamic reconfigurable technique and signals coding technique to settle the problem of system dynamic reconfigure.
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