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Radome in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2019-07-05Updated:2019-07-05
Similar words: domestic traderadonsadomasochismparadoxcoloradolabradordesperadocompradorMeaning: ['reɪdəʊm] n. a housing for a radar antenna; transparent to radio waves. 
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1. Polyphenylene sulfide ( PPS ) missile - borne radome is developed by means of injection molding.
2. As an example, a special A type radome is computed with numerical method of four ports transmission formula and basic dielectric plane theoretics. And the different between two methods is compared.
3. Based on the analysis to antenna radome by using the theory of microwave network. a particular shaped antenna radome is selected.
4. The radome causes an angular displacement of the tracking aerial polar diagram.
5. SATCOM antenna radome is mounted on the roof of the workshop.
6. Any equipment is protected by radome in different environment in order to being in good conditions and the impendent desire of modern war for the broadband radome becomes higher than before.
7. This paper presentes optimization design of composites radome from basic mechanical and electric properties.
8. Radome - enclosed antennas have found widespread applications in radar systems, wireless communication and remote sensing.
9. A kind of aircraft radome checked by this method has undergone flight tests.
10. The pattern of array antenna coupled with radome is calculated via the physical optics method.
11. A method, covering the antenna with an antenna radome, is proposed in the paper to realize the broadband impedance matching of the half-wave dipole antenna.
12. The radome was hinged to permit easier access to the radar.
13. The primary radar system housed in the radome is an three-sided electronically steered phased-array (ESA) developed by Nanjing-based 14 institute.
14. The stability of a kind of missile guidance system is analyzed,( and the effect of perturbation of radome boresight error slope A on the stability is investigated.
15. Some essential problems dealing with in the process of aircraft radome design are analyzed in detail.
16. A high temperature open resonator measuring system for low loss radome materials is introduced.
17. The line-of-sight rate is analyzed for the influences of the airframe, radome effects and target glint.
18. The test for compensating of the sight line error for missile radome has been done by the semi-real simulation system, which shows the highly precise compensation for missile homing.
19. Based on complex ray method, a paraxial approximation analysis of Gaussian beam transmission through a dielectric radome is presented.
20. It is the first time to successfully manufacture the A-Type sandwich radome with the low pressure co-cure.
21. Put forward one technology programme of which can be used to forming airborne radome.
22. The results show that the performances such as producibility and dimensional stability of PPS radome are superior to that of PTFE radome.
23. Composite material repair for various structural parts of aircraft such as Radome, flight control surface, etc.
24. Dielectric loaded antenna can reduce the height of antenna and the dielectric can also act as a radome simultaneously.
25. The adaptive integral method (AIM) is combined with the volume integral equation (VIE) to analyze the radiation of the antenna with a arbitrary shaped radome.
26. This paper introduces the method of fabrication of FRP nose radome by filament winding process.
27. Based on unsymmetrical heat environment, boresight error, boresight error slope and transmission coefficient of a specific shape radome have been calculated with indirect ray method.
28. The results showed that the maximum stress was located in the ground circle of the radome.
29. Through data rarefaction treatment, the double-ordering of the discrete data is realized and the reconstruction of the inner surface of the radome is completed based on bicubic B-spline function.
30. In this paper, a computer aided design (CAD) of airborne jammed radome in C band based on microwave equivalent network method is made according to the design requirement.
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