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Polyelectrolyte in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2021-09-23Updated:2021-09-23
Similar words: electrolytenonelectrolyteelectrolyticelectrolytic cellelectrolytic capacitorelectrolyzeelectrolyzerelectrolysisMeaning: n. an electrolyte of high molecular weight. 
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1. Results:(1) Infants with bronchiolitis had polyelectrolyte disorders.
2. This article focuses on polyelectrolyte microcapsules which are prepared by layer-by-layer method.
3. A new polyelectrolyte complex microcapsule formed by interaction between NaCS and PDADMAC was introduced.
4. The degree of conversion of the intermediate polyelectrolyte to PPV could be controlled and the conductivities of these doped films could be related to the average conjugation length.
5. Chitosan, an cationic polyelectrolyte , has attracted much attention in the area of biomicroencapsulation due to its good biocompatibility and low price owing to its plenty of sources.
6. The result of FT-IR suggested that PEO polyelectrolyte interacted well with nylon-6 matrix.
7. Polyelectrolyte gel consists of a crosslinked polymer network with ionizable groups and a liquid phase.
8. A new polyelectrolyte hydrogel and its hybrid hydrogel with the Laponite clay were prepared, and their swelling properties were investigated.
9. The synthesis and application of cationic polyelectrolyte with high density charge.
10. Synthesis organic cation polyelectrolyte dicyandiamide formaldehyde flocculant used in sludge treatment were studied in this paper.
11. Influence of Cation Concentration on 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane in Polyelectrolyte by Using In-situ Microscopic Fourier Transform Infrared
12. The influence of the concentration of added salt on the size exclusion chromatograms of polyelectrolyte was discussed.
13. From the experimental results it can be seen that the colloidal titration is a simple, quick and accurate quantitative method in the determination of ammoniation rate of cationic polyelectrolyte.
14. The adsorption of different kind of polymers on pulp fibers and the factors affected the adsorption behavior of polyelectrolyte were reviewed.
15. The emphasis of experiment is the relation between anionic polyelectrolyte molecular conformation and salt with different sort and concentration in solution.
16. The surface charge neutralization of suspended particles and the flocculation mode of solid particles in waste drilling liquid caused by cationic polyelectrolyte were studied experimentally.
17. Self-assembly technique is used for preparing composite films on the surface of glass by alternating fabrication of cationic polyelectrolyte(PEI or DR) and anionic sulfonated metalloporphyrin.
18. TH - 613 is a scale inhibitor and dispersant containing and polyelectrolyte.
19. Chitin and chitosan can adsorb organic compounds by forming chemical bond or flocculate organic compounds as a cationic polyelectrolyte.
20. In this work[], the simple assay for cysteine (Cys) and histidine (His) based on a conjugated polyelectrolyte with multiple carboxylate groups (PPE-(COOK)4) has been developed.
21. The research results showed that the deposition technique can add the absorbed amount of polyelectrolyte and cause potential changes in fiber surface.
22. This paper introduces some recent reports on cathode materials and solid polyelectrolyte used in polymer lithium secondary batteries.
23. Secondly, factors influencing charge decay of pulp slurry suspension, such as stirring rate, pulp species, adding amount of polyelectrolyte, adding amount of cationic polymer etc. were discussed.
24. The results of water absorption tests showed that the polyelectrolyte sponge exhibited higher water absorption ability.
25. In addition, the synthesis conditions and adsorption mechanism of the PAMAM-PAA polyelectrolyte complex were primarily discussed.
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