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Nuzzle in a sentence

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Synonym: cuddledraw closenestnestlenosesnuggleSimilar words: puzzleguzzlepuzzleddrizzlefrazzlefrazzledembezzlementbuzz offMeaning: ['nʌzl]  v. 1. move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position 2. rub noses 3. dig out with the snout. 
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1) to nuzzle into the water.
2) The kittens like to nuzzle up against/up to their mother.
3) Yes, she told him, bending to nuzzle his silky hair.
4) Girls did not come up to him and nuzzle him.
5) His mouth began to nuzzle her face, and she waited for him to declare himself.
6) The hippos seemed content to nuzzle alongside one another.
7) Nor will Mr Kim nuzzle docile under China's wing, though his son might.
8) They are a curious species that nuzzle the lens and playfully pull on fin and mask straps, " David Doubilet said of his photograph.
9) Two Mexican gray wolves nuzzle each other in the Sedgwick County Zoo.
10) Big Bill lowered his head to nuzzle Livia's cheek,( much to her delight.
11) Cuddle, hug, and nuzzle.
12) Cattle can nuzzle ball without harm to, or activation of, valve.
13) By Nebraska, the farms and ranches are so friendly they come right up to the interstate and nuzzle your car.
14) He crawls up to her on all fours like a gentle but ravenous bear and begins to nuzzle her.
15) He will lengthen his nose to allow him to nuzzle and may make nudging movements with his head to attract attention.
16) I tell the family good- bye in the only way I know how, a soft wag of my tail and a nuzzle of my nose.
17) When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by, and nuzzle them gently.
18) Today, while I was drinking coffee, my cat decided that since she's the queen bee, she deserved some attention. She went to nuzzle me, but instead, headbutted my coffee cup just as I was taking a sip.
19) Another always thrashes its trotters to get away when it is picked up, whereas the others nuzzle into a human embrace.
20) That unmistakable curve to their necks that forms a perfect heart when they nuzzle with their mate, who they will stay with for the rest of their lives.
21) Horse offers to humanity the opportunity to call upon the horse species when things look bleak or even if you want a friendly nuzzle in the middle of the day.
22) I just want to feel the warm sunshine and run, and play and nuzzle with my family.
23) The results show that the simulated flow field could report the fluid flow in mold with complex nuzzle structure.
24) The birds allow their newborn chicks to perch on their feet and nuzzle under their bodies to shelter while the other parent forages for food.
25) Whether it's because you or someone you love had a hard day, or because you're just keen to help another person relax, a good cuddle, hug, or nuzzle will always come in handy.
26) In the photos, the former KGB man looks truly one with nature as he closes his eyes and lowers his head to gently nuzzle the horse he had just been riding across the Siberian wilderness.
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