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Photoelectric in a sentence

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Sentence count:250Posted:2017-09-22Updated:2017-09-22
Synonym: photoelectricalSimilar words: thermoelectrichydroelectrichydroelectricityelectric motorelectricelectricselectricaldielectricMeaning: [‚fəʊtəʊɪ'lektrɪk]  adj. of or pertaining to photoelectricity. 
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1, Electrical and photoelectric properties of thin films.
2, There could be a sudden breakthrough in nuclear fusion or the cost equation of photo-electric energy.
3, And anyway they could probably design a system based on the photo-electric cell.
4, The new ore-sorter has over 1000 photoelectric cells to scan rocks at a rate of 500 per second.
5, The photoelectric characteristics show that it has excellent sensitivity of 0.71 Lx. s to the visible light and is a favorable organic photo-conductive material for xerographic printing.
6, By installing two photoelectric encoders on the hob axis and workpiece axis, the zero position signals of photoelectric encoders coincident with each mechanical zero of two axis is reasonably set.
7, It may be a photoelectric converter in the application of exploded piont measuring and film reader. That can greatly enhance the photogrammetry automatization.
8, Our photoelectric rotary encoder are professional manufacturer of encoders have seven or eight years of research and production history.
9, Fixed photoelectric detectors on the two reflectors, they produce a pulse signal as reference signal every round.
10, According to the method of laser interference, photoelectric detector sends out adjusting-phase signal of current , and laser ultrasonic measurement of displacement was realized.
11, The error signal is detected by the transmittance photoelectric plethysmograph. An electromagnetic solenoid is adopted for use as the hydraulic actuator.
12, An extremely weak photoelectric current examination circuit is designed in view of the stability and the noise problems. The circuit includes the filtering, phase compensation and so on.
13, It combines computer technology with multichannel photoelectric detection system with spectral sensitivity of CIE standard observers curve.
14, DDT tube, photoelectric cell, strain gauge and witness board are used to study the transition characteristics of the deflagration to detonation of NEPE propellant slurry in the mixing process.
15, He used Planck's ideas to interpret what had proved classically inexplicable in the photoelectric effect.
16, He had an idea for designing these using natural climatic heat and photoelectric panels.
17, The utility model belongs to a new end quench tester, comprising a manipulator, a photoelectric control system, an upper and a lower water tank, a quench water tank, a water spray device, etc.
18, Thus, the compounds 1 and 2 can have greater use to serve as light-absorbing materials at a visible light band in photoelectric functional material.
19, The laser target shooting system consists of semiconductor laser gun, photoelectric detector, and signal processing circuit, which is the key part of the whole system.
20, The ruling practice using the control system shows that the photoelectric control system meets the sub-micrometer graduation requirement of high-density gratings.
21, Along with the appearance and application of new equipment of intelligentize switch and photoelectric transducer,( the integrated automation technology of substation is promoted into a digital stage.
22, The use of the four wire method and the photoelectric segregation technology raises the test precision and disturbance resistibility .
23, Torque is measured by equilibrant method in virtue of torque transducer and torsional angle is measured in virtue of photoelectric coder on conventional experimental machine.
24, In engineering, the Holz Law is generally used to estimate the harmonic frequency for the large-sized photoelectric altometer.
25, And each node is composed of CAN controller, CAN - bus transceiver and photoelectric coupling isolation circuit.
26, Stability control is one of the core technologies of the photoelectric stabilized platform servo control.
27, Running board lights light yellow No. 3, No. 1, said photoelectric reading the ball off.
28, The system adopts no wavefront sensor. The aberrated signal is splitted into a photoelectric detector to calculate the coupling efficiency before it enters the receiver.
29, This test provides base for feedback and compensation to improve tracking precision of photoelectric theodolite.
30, Coatings were deposited on BK7 substrates by electron beam evaporation and photoelectric maximum control method.
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