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Personhood in a sentence

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Similar words: manhoodpersonpersonain personemersonpersonalpersonagepersonnelMeaning: n. being a person. 
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1 It is this personhood which is the Monster's ultimate objective.
2 We pursue "ecru personhood, outstanding work" enterprise culture.
3 Solitude is the salt of personhood.
4 The departure time forgot words personhood calculate than day more than 40 days, yemen, airlines plane will let my journey to a big bend,( this one will turn to turn in Africa.
5 The Spirit's distinct personhood was no part of Old Testament revelation.
6 Voters in Mississippi could vote on a personhood amendment to their state Constitution this November, although the ACLU is challenging that initiative in court.
7 He's president of Personhood USA, a group that's trying to rewrite the laws and constitutions of every state — and some countries — to recognize someone as a person "exactly at creation, " he says.
8 Personhood USA hopes to get proposals on the ballot in nearly half the states by 2012.
9 And while Mason of Personhood USA says he doesn't think his proposals would interfere with most forms of birth control, he doesn't deny that some could.
10 And it's not just medical questions raised by personhood laws.
11 Solitude is the salt of personhood. It brings out the authentic flavor of every experience.
12 Arguments like that helped defeat personhood amendments in Colorado in 2008 and 2010.
13 Words, however, must build on this more basic sense of our own personhood and understanding of the world.
14 Winnicott, in his work with psychotics, became interested in the early developmental processes that facilitate the emergence of personhood.
15 But by that time, the constitutional doctrine of corporate personhood was firmly rooted in the cases.
16 Being pro-life requires more than opposing abortion; it means taking a stance against all which stifles life and personhood.
17 What she experienced in her abusive marriage eventually forced her to re-examine Scripture concerning the sanctity of marriage and personhood.
18 And so the very same moment will be the end of my body, the end of my existence,the end of my personhood.
19 T?he workings of the brain, however, determine such fundamental questions about personhood that we may never know everything about what's going on.
20 In Blackmun's view the constitution and judicial precedent failed to establish that personhood applied to the unborn.
21 And as Wired Science has covered before, the great apes share many qualities, from self-awareness to emotion, that people consider fundamental to personhood.
22 If being a person requires being human, then chimpanzees, our closest primate relative, are still only 98 percent complete. But if personhood is defined more broadly, chimpanzees may well qualify.
23 Thomas Kitwood, a British psychologist who was a pioneer in the field of dementia care, died in 1998, but his books, which emphasize personhood instead of debilitation, remain influential.
24 Doctoring requires communication skills, empathy, self-awareness, judgment, professionalism, and mastering the social and cultural context of personhood, illness, and health care.
25 ACLU attorney Kolbi-Molinas says that banning forms of birth control along with abortion is exactly what the personhood backers have in mind.
26 They talk of whales and dolphins in terms of cultures and societies, and say cetaceans possess qualities of personhood.
27 As a population of West African chimpanzees dwindles to critically endangered levels, scientists are calling for a definition of personhood that includes our close evolutionary cousins.
28 It's about motherhood not at the expense a ( of ) personhood.
29 Though there's still more evidence for primate than cetacean personhood, Gero said accumulating research "will start tipping the scales."
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