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Periodic table in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: predictableunpredictableperiodicalunpredictabilitydelectableintractablerespectableineluctableMeaning: n. a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic law. 
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1. I got the periodic table off by heart.
2. Helium, the next element in the periodic table, contains two electrons encircling a nucleus containing two protons.
3. Atomic structure and the periodic table.
4. 1869 - Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.
4. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
5. It is a combination of the Periodic Table of Elements and a calculator.
6. If you do look down at the Periodic Table and get above 109, Uun Uuu Uub you will see these strange notations here, Uun,Uuu,Uub What is all of this?
7. According to the periodic table, we selected 16 kinds of metal ions with different ionic charge, radius and electron shell structure in research.
8. Their chemical class' periodic table also needed to spell English whole name, sounded difficult.
9. The periodic table is one of the most potent icons in science.
10. According to Mendeleyev's periodic table, there seem to be still some elements undiscovered yet.
11. Radon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas found in group O of the Periodic Table.
12. The chemistry of the Earth was out of kilter, wholly unbalanced by the periodic table, and alive.
13. Carbon is the smallest atom in the fourth column of the periodic table of elements.
14. The name of the element closer to the bottom or to the left-hand side of the Periodic Table is usually given first.
15. The great success of a teaching programme in chemical theory was the Periodic Table of Dmitry Mendeleev, first published in 1869.
16. For example, the natural arrangement of the chemical elements in Mendeleyev's periodic table has groups of traits reappearing cyclically.
17. The chemistry of Mars and Venus was as balanced as the periodic table, and as dead.
18. And in contrast, in the lower left hand part of the periodic table, these 2 quantities are low, so also what we're going to see is low electronegativity.
19. Because EDTA can bind with most metallic elements of the periodic table, this technique becomes a versatile tool in the production and study of new nano materials of multi component complex oxides.
20. This Russian chemist is famous for his formulation of the periodic law and the publishment of the first periodic table, a classification of the elements in 1869.
21. Any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium).
22. Lanthanide: Any of the series of 15 consecutive chemical elements in the periodic table from lanthanum to lutetium (atomic numbers 57-71).
23. These structural rules are concentratedly expressed by the total coordination numbers and the periodic table of isoelectronic molecules.
24. In 1869, Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, a Russianchemist, published his periodic table of the elements.
25. I think you really stepped into this time Snippy with this question, Powers of the speed of light in the periodic table?
26. EDTA can bind with most metallic elements of the periodic table, making this technique a versatile tool in the production and study of new nano materials of complex oxides.
27. Mercury is one of the more unique elements in the periodic table.
28. The size of atoms decreases from left to right across a period in the periodic table.
29. It is a member of the chalcogen group on the periodic table, and is a highly reactive nonmetallic period 2 element that readily forms compounds (notably oxides) with almost all other elements.
30. We'll then take a turn to talking about the periodic table, we'll look at a bunch of periodic trends, including ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity and atomic radius.
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