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Pearlite in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2020-05-14Updated:2020-05-14
Similar words: pearl barleystarlitearlierpearlyearlingshearlingearliestpearlyMeaning: n. a lamellar mixture of cementite and ferrite formed during the cooling of austenite; a constituent of steel and cast iron. 
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1. Ce is depleted from ferrite and pearlite surrounded by nodular graphite, and enriched in pearlite and ledeburite far apart from nodular graphite.
2. True pearlite interlamellar spacing of 82B steel billet can be obtained according to the results of vertical lamellar.
3. Holding in the lower pearlite range accelerates subsequent transformation to bainite.
4. A granulation annealing process to change the flake pearlite of malleable iron into granular pearlite was studied with metallography method.
5. Turfy not too fine, pearlite grain diameter 3 - 4 millimeter, vermiculite grain diameter 3 - 5 millimeter are idealer.
6. The pearl ore includes the pearlite, shines black the crag and the pitchstone.
7. Pearlite spheroidization is irregular changing of metallographical image and has the features of fractal, so it can be described by technique of fractal.
8. Its typic microstructure calls lamellar pearlite.
9. Its microstructure is fine pearlite and carbides.
10. By spheroidizing, the lamellar pearlite can be transformed into nodular pearlite.
11. Results showed that warm deformation of pearlite will accelerate greatly the spheroidizing process.
12. Both hardness and impact toughness of the granular pearlite are better than that of lamellar pearlite, but the latter has a better wear resistance.
13. The more deformation, the finer ferrite grain size and more spheroidized pearlite is.
14. It has been found that applied stress has significant influence on pearlite transformation.
15. Via vacuum induction furnace and metallographical analysis, the effects of RE on the grain size of the austenite and distance of the pearlite laminae of high-carbon steel for heavy rail were studied.
16. A combustion experiment of coal water slurry as a fuel in expanded pearlite kiln was made.
17. It was found by experiments thatboron increased the growth rate of pearlite, both in hypoeutectoid and eutectoid steels.
18. The results showed : in the as-cast white iron there was the enrichment of silicon between the eutectic cementite and pearlite.
19. The microstructure of weld metal for MAW is blocky ferrite and a little pearlite, the microstructure in the heat-affected zone is new type bainite.
20. On the basis of riddling various nonmetal minerals and the application test of bentonite, zeolite, apatite, vermiculite, glauconite, expanded pearlite etc.
21. The microstructure of non-full transformation area is the mixture of residual pearlite and troostite - type pearlite, and the hardness is largely lower than that of full transformation area.
22. These two constituents form a eutectoid structure known as pearlite when the steel is cooled slowly enough to reach equilibrium, but by rapid cooling the steel is hardened.
23. In use of spheroidizing agency treatment, some spheroidal graphites and carbide on the matrix of lamellar or sorbitic pearlite can be achieved in as-cast state.
24. But Nb adding increases the under-heating austenite stability, reduces the temperature of phase transformation point and postpones the transformation of
25. The bifurcation process of cementite flake is changed by magnetic field. The cementite flakes in pearlite grains tend to be parallel with the increase of magnetic flux density.
26. The result shows that in a great scope of cooling rates, constant percentage of fine pearlite and ferrite can be obtained.
27. In this Paper, a new tyPe of hyperbolic coal furnace of Pearlite expansion is discussed according to the principle of fluidics. Living examples are used for verification.
28. Commonly used matrix has turfy earth, coconut tree branny, pearlite , vermiculite, mix commonly use.
29. It is generally considered that the simple mechanical mixture of ferrite and cementite is gained in the pearlite transformation and there is prevenient phase in this process.
30. The results show that the microstructure of Fe-Si-Mn cast steels can be remarkably changed through magnetic field treatment, from a mixture structure to only one pearlite or martensite structure.
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