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One-night stand in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2018-07-08Updated:2018-07-08
Similar words: nightstickone nightnightsnight skynightspotnight soilnightshadenightshirtMeaning: n. 1. a brief sexual encounter lasting only for a single night 2. a performance in one place on one night only. 
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1. For her I was just a one-night stand.
2. I wanted it to be more than a one-night stand.
3. Remember, the one-night stand will not he repeated.
4. Making this into what - a one-night stand?
5. A one-night stand with a waitress, played by Goldie Hawn, leads to her taking over his empty home.
6. Mystery fuels the fire of a one-night stand.
7. Moderator: You see how the one-night stand?
8. There's no emotional cheating equivalent to a one-night stand.
9. It's not, since you had a one-night stand with your male friend, that you can choose to become straight.
10. Women seeking a one-night stand might consider wearing a push-up bra and high heels to a bar, but those searching for a spouse might want to focus on applying eyeliner and lipstick.
11. Similarly, the irritation of a one-night stand who won't stop calling should not be underestimated.
12. Discovering your one-night stand is a sex blogger, and your "not being able to perform" is on the record.
13. Cyber love, one-night stand, speed dating and flash marriage have been common in big cities.
14. Discovering your one-night stand is a different gender/orientation than anticipated.
15. I was hoping for a lasting affair, not just a one-night stand.
16. Their script is about an engaged couple whose life gets complicated when a gay one-night stand of the groom shows up.
17. But the fact is, the show was more of a one-night stand than a true reunion.
18. Back in California, where I came out, I was lucky to get a one-night stand.
19. Testosterone levels are reflected in the face, and who is seen as a one-night stand and who as a potential husband depends in part on this physical feature.
20. Sometimes twenty times a day, like when a very large company called about buying Brazen Careerist and then turned out to be as day-after-difficult as a one-night stand without a condom.
20. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
21. And neither one of them would ever dream, of course, of bringing home a one-night stand to spice up the relationship.
22. The split follows reports that 22-year-old Sara Leal alleged a one-night stand with Kutcher on his sixth wedding anniversary with Moore in September.
23. More than half of those polled said there was nothing wrong with a one-night stand ; and 6.2 percent admitted they already had a sexual encounter, according to the results released recently.
24. But your mid-life crisis is no reason to reach out to last week's one-night stand and ask them to marry you.
25. While 49 percent of men chose to look at a woman's face for a one-night stand, 75 percent opted to view her face for a long-term relationship.
26. Of the heterosexual respondents, more than half reported a one-night stand, about evenly split between men and women.
27. Facial features can be clues as to whether a member of the opposite sex is after a one-night stand or something more permanent, a latest British research says.
28. A man through the chat to get to know a woman style, which is similar to meet and have one-night stand, and then shortly in a clinic was found to have contracted "pityriasis rosea."
29. The research suggests men are far less choosy about the attractiveness of a potential one-night stand.
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