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Multipotent in a sentence

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Similar words: totipotentomnipotentpluripotentplenipotentiarymultiplymultiplemultiplexmultiplicandMeaning: adj. able to many things. 
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1. The breakthrough gives scientist a way to produce multipotent stem cells for treating conditions such as heart disease without creating an embryonic clone of patient.
2. Thus, the multipotent capacity of MSC, their role in supporting haemopoiesis, and their immunoregulatory activity make MSC particularly attractive for therapeutic exploitation.
3. Conclusions SPTP may originate from primitive multipotent stem cell. The differential diagnosis should be made from other tumors of the pancreas.
4. Hematopoietic stem cells are multipotent stem cells that give rise to all blood cell types. They can be found in the bone marrow of adults.
5. For the UCI study, multipotent human neural stem cells were transplanted into the brains of rats that had undergone radiation treatment.
6. Adipose tissue contains a population of multipotent cells called adipose - derived stem cells ADSCs.
7. AIM: To investigate the effects of dermal multipotent mesenchymal stem cells(DMMSC)on hair follicle growth and try to elucidate its mechanism.
8. Summary of Background Data. Human MSC are multipotent mesenchymal adult stem cells that have a potential for autologous transplantation, obviating the need for immune suppression.
9. Aggressive cancer cells, expressing a multipotent, embryonic cell-like phenotype, engage in a dynamic reciprocity with a microenvironment that promotes plasticity and tumorigenicity.
10. Embryonic stem cells(ES cells)are unique cell populations with the ability of self-renewal, unlimited proliferation, multipotent differentiation and maintaining their undifferentiated state.
11. Conclusion this study indicate that small cell carcinoma of esophagus is highly malignancy, support its histogenesis may origin from the multipotent stem cells.
12. But to mature, these newborn cells must migrate away from the influence of the multipotent stem cells. On average, only half of them make the trip; the rest die.
13. The first stage in the process leading to such diversity is for the HSCs to become the precursor cells called multipotent progenitor (MPPs) cells.
14. The characteristic function of Notch in immunologic system is that it is the necessary factor for T lymphocyte commitment from multipotent stem cell to T lymphocyte.
15. Umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cell is a kind of multipotent adult stem cell. It has the potential of differentiating into nerve-like cell.
16. Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells ( BMSCs ) are a population of multipotent cells.
17. Specifically, little is known about the proliferation and differentiation of basal cells,[Sentencedict] a multipotent stem cell population of the pseudostratified airway epithelium.
18. A fundamental question in stem cell research is whether cultured multipotent adult stem cells represent endogenous multipotent precursor cells.
19. Brain tumor stem cells are characteristic of marked proliferation, self-renewal and multipotent differentiation.
20. Research on human adult stem cells suggests that these multipotent cells have gr eat potential for use in both research and in the development of cell therapies.
21. The cells responsible for maintaining this tissue are thought to be fibroblasts, which can be either multipotent or composed of heterogenous cell populations that differ in their function.
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