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Mohammedan in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2019-07-02Updated:2019-07-02
Similar words: mohammedmohammadhammershammerhammer inhammer outhammer athammeredMeaning: [məʊ'hæmɪdən]  n. a follower of Mohammed. adj. of or relating to the Arabian prophet Muhammad or to the religion he founded. 
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1. By the time the Jesuits arrived, the Mohammedans appear to have degenerated into mere meticulous recorders of what they observed.
2. Thus, Hindu religious processions often passed Mohammedan mosques at prayer time and that irritated the followers of the Prophet.
3. Mohammedan civilization, see one spot again from this.
4. If Wu Ci fastens Mohammedan motion of Kesitan, organize.
5. While Peng was resting, he called in the Mohammedan peasants.
6. The abstemious Mohammedan depends on it or coffee for 'adding life to the party' or 'putting through a deal.
7. The left wing of the Mohammedan armies took possession of Spain, The right wing meanwhile made for Constantinople by way of Syria and Asia Minor.
8. Azrael , the Mohammedan angel of the sepulchre , would and thought that he had mistaken the door.
9. Over and over again in Mohammedan history, dynasties have come to grief because the sons of a sultan by different mothers could not agree, and in the resulting civil war universal ruin resulted.
10. They must be less common in wine-drinking regions and virtually unknown in strictly Mohammedan countries.
11. As to this teahouse be from when to begin to manage(, why to serve as adornment with Mohammedan bier with respect to unknown.
12. Canton became the chief trading port, famed for its mosques and Mohammedan sepulchers.
13. Only Hindus practice the caste system; it is abandoned if a Hindu becomes a Mohammedan or a Christian.
14. Far and wide the Dervishes (the monks of the Mohammedan world) traveled through the realm of the Prophet.
15. In this country women may hold prayer-meetings, etc. , but in Mohammedan countries it is written upon their mosques, "Women and dogs, and other impure animals, are not permitted to enter."
16. Islamic moon cake, it is the moon cake with the Huis peculiar place with Mohammedan belief, do not contain the component of the pig, became famous most with Islamic beef moon cake.
17. Arabic character, Arabic learns to reach Arabia the education such as Mohammedan culture and scientific research direction.
18. Among them, professor Yang Xiaobai translated more than 60 Arabic to learn work, the professor in Lizhen in Arabia Mohammedan culture studies the domain is far-reaching.
19. Enrolled unripe plan 2010: Arabic character, Arabic learns and Arabia is Mohammedan culture 3 direction, recruit 4 Masters graduate student.
20. The bier in teahouse is decorated completely according to Mohammedan custom, of every bier all around surround have the crib, lest people is above unthinking, sit step.
21. Between the 10th to 13th centuries, the Christian kingdoms of Europe made numerous attempts to reconquer the birthplace of Jesus Christ from its Mohammedan -Arab rulers.
22. The supernatural is left almost untouched, and ancestor worship can go side by side with belief in a Christian, a Buddhist, or a Mohammedan god.
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