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Hammerhead in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2018-02-01Updated:2018-05-25
Similar words: hammerhead sharkhammerhammer athammer outhammeredoverheadhammeringshowerheadMeaning: n. 1. these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence 2. the striking part of a hammer 3. medium-sized live-bearing shark with eyes at either end of a flattened hammer-shaped head; worldwide in warm waters; can be dangerous. 
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1. Hammerhead wheels the sluggish trolley through a maze of badly water-stained, beige carpeted corridors.
2. Choice having introduced the hammerhead and cleading chemical composition.
3. The hammerhead shark family is a good example.
4. They include the hammerhead shark, whose fins are highly prized in China for soup, with a bowlful selling for as much as $100.
5. It is a heaven haven for hammerhead and white tip sharks, as well as manta rays.
6. There is a cavum in the hammerhead for the connection of detonator and the detonating cord.
7. A hammerhead shark is fatally caught in a gill net in Mexico's Gulf of California.
8. It a haven for hammerhead ( and ) white tip sharks, as well as ( manta rays ).
9. The researchers traced finds from the scalloped hammerhead shark species—collected at the world's biggest fin market in Hong Kong—back to rare populations in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific oceans.
10. It is a haven for hammerhead and white tip sharks , as well as manta rays.
11. It's a heaven for hammerhead and white tip sharks, as well as manta rays.
12. Aluminum alloy wire clamp, kirksite casting hammerhead, stainless steel norm part.
13. Ha! Missed again, you hammerhead halibut. Here boy, here, go get it.
14. A great hammerhead shark will reach an average of 500 lbs. at adulthood.
15. The week after, there was a millpond under a vivid blue sky - with matching hammerhead shark cruising the northern limits.
16. The most well - known sharks are the great white shark, whale shark, blue shark and hammerhead shark.
17. Researchers used a tool called "genetic stock identification" to test samples of 62 scalloped hammerhead shark fins—an endangered species—from the Hong Kong fin market.
18. In one project, someone has constructed catalytic molecular beacons a hammerhead - type deoxyribozyme by a modular design.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. His words stunned Deborah -- a hook like that was the size of a hammerhead!
20. These gates were constructed through a modular design that combines molecular beacon stem - loops with hammerhead - type deoxyribozymes.
21. Objective To detect activity of Giardia canis virus vector - mediated hammerhead ribozyme for KRR 1 in vitro transcript.
22. Some species of shark have been depleted by 70 per cent and a few, such as smooth hammerhead, bull sharks and tiger sharks, by 90 per cent or more.
23. The main committee of CITES discussed a group of them, including the hammerhead, oceanic whitetip, porbeagle and spiny dogfish.
24. For many large coastal shark species, the declines were much greater - tiger, scalloped hammerhead, bull and dusky shark populations have all plummeted by more than 95 percent.
25. In November, an international conference imposed a ban on trade in whitetip shark from the Atlantic and on the hammerhead shark.
26. Even the more modern Hercules- and Minotaur-class ships have retained the distinctive hammerhead shape which so defines the classic terran battlecruiser.
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