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Magnetically in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2018-01-14Updated:2018-01-14
Similar words: magnetic attractionmagneticdiamagneticgeomagneticmagnetic fluxparamagneticmagnetic poleantimagneticMeaning: [mæg'nətɪklɪ]  adv. 1. by the use of magnetism 2. as if by magnetism. 
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1. The ribbon moves magnetically, reproducing the higher frequencies normally handled by a tweeter in a conventional speaker.
2. He was magnetically attracted to her.
3. The experimental results of higher magnetically enhanced reactive ion etching, including load effects and dependence of etch rate on magnetical hield for various materials are described.
4. The magnetically levitated box creates a void underneath, suggesting presence of all living beings.
5. In the paper the magnetically confined discharge technique is used to N 2 laser.
6. Shuttle attaches magnetically to the warp sled with neodymium magnets ( included ).
7. Floppy disks: Flat, circular piece of magnetically treated Mylar plastic that rotates within a jacket.
8. Tapered magnetically insulated line oscillator ( MILO ) was simulated by 2 D particle - in - cell ( PIC ) electromagnetic code.
9. Either they are magnetically attracted to you,( or instantly repelled by your mysterious quality.
10. However, the notion that female consumers are magnetically drawn to your product is over.
11. Foreign friends were magnetically attracted By Chinese flower arrangement on a handsome model.
12. MPT Series magnetically driven, sealless regenerative turbine vane pumps are designed specifically for small flows at high heads.
13. Purite is recovered by gravity separation from magnetically separated tailings.
14. Today, we remain the experts in magnetically driven small volume external gear and centrifugal pumps,[] and have expanded our technologies to include direct drive piston and micro annular gear pumps.
15. Dry Reed Relay. A glass-enclosed, hermetically sealed, magnetically actuated contact. No mercury or other wetting material is used.
16. Magnetostrictive materials and magnetically controlled shape memory alloys (MSMA) are two kinds of new intelligent materials. They may offer a new way of producing motion and force.
17. Satellite roll-yaw angles stable control using magnetically suspended momentum wheel(MBMW) with vernier gimballing capacity is investigated.
18. A magnetically stabilized bed reactor with amorphous NiREP alloy catalyst was used for the hydrogenation of light reformate to produce reformulated gasoline(RFG).
19. A plate is to be mounted magnetically on the outer surface of the magnet cylinder.
20. The current loss in magnetically insulated transmission line(MITL) on pulsed power installation "S-300" is studied by measuring bremsstrahlung between the electrodes, current and voltage in the load.
21. The coal hydroliquefaction is conducted in a magnetically stirred autoclave.
22. PC Recycler can remove data magnetically or completely destroy and recycle the drives.
23. Reed Relay A relay using one or more glass - enclosed , hermetically sealed, magnetically actuated contact members.
24. Their previous research had looked at silver selenide and silver telluride, two compounds that are magnetically inert in nature.
25. In this paper, radiation of the space charge in a magnetically insulated transmission line oscillator (MILO) is studied.
26. Outside the car, a pad containing separate coils or "pick-up" coils get coupled magnetically to the primary coil.
27. As for AC circuit, it first gives sinusoidal steady-state analysis of RLC circuit, then explains AC power and magnetically coupled circuits.
28. Based on the fundamental theory of natural alternating electromagnetic field, we have studied the varying characteristics of apparent resistivity during magnetically quiet day and magnetic storm.
29. This paper presents an interference eliminator designs based on adaptive inverse control for gimbal servo system of magnetically suspended control moment gyro.
30. A typical shield placed around a conductor and grounded at one end has little if any effect on the magnetically induced voltage in that conductor.
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