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Long-playing in a sentence

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Sentence count:21+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2021-09-04Updated:2021-09-04
Similar words: playingrunning playplaying cardcard-playingroleplayingrole playingsupporting playersplaying fieldMeaning: adj. (used of records) playing at a slower speed and for a longer time than earlier records. 
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(1) The long-playing record was made defunct by the arrival of the CD.
(2) These symptom have much long-playing?
(3) Airship also can't long-playing hover around in the sky, the game appearance upper right contain the fuel manifestation tube, the fuel burns away airship forced landing.
(4) Effort, it is a long-playing bitterness to practice and diligently get!
(5) Columbia Records introduced the first successful microgroove long-playing phonographs way back in June 1948.
(6) Within a few months, the first book, the long-playing record and the second radio series were to turn Hitchhiker's into a mainstream hit and make him a household name.
(7) It is an LP (a long-playing record) of sounds from inside a mother's body which a hospital doctor recorded.
(8) The software WD_CAM3. x is self-developed. After the long-playing proof, the software gets ceaseless promotion. Now it proves to be very simple(, convenient and stable.
(9) The position error accumulation in long-playing navigation is attenuated by integrating pseudo range measurement.
(10) The homing time wants to take the very long-playing automobile, liking to to walk the countryside path in the quite a few, regarded as the exercise anyway, have advantage to me.
(11) In the meanwhile, abundant information and long-playing work at computer, people's eyes get more tired.
(12) The software WD_CAM2. x is self-developed. After the long-playing proof, the software gets ceaseless promotion. Now it proves to be very simple, convenient and stable.
(13) At the beginning of 2008, an infrequent and serious ice cover disaster in the South resulted in bad ice transmission lines, large-scale collapsed tower and long-playing power breakdown.
(14) After adopting differential rates, the bank system of the United States has been keeping a long-playing opposite stability.
(15) Percussion instruments is important traditional part in Chinese nation instruments and have a long-playing time history, especially have important action in the Chinese folk culture and religion fete.
(16) I understand your meaning, but the plain dealing speak us to also don't hope the mat pays a funds too long-playing.
(17) During uploading, the continuing decrease in speed of a long-playing video was significant.
(18) The all air-cooled cooling systems are designed for all-weather and long-playing continuous work. And the disadvantage without continual working function is solved completely.
(19) She in fact has been being shed tears of, just we can't see, it secretly flowed to drip so long-playing , finally in that a moment can, one Xie a long distance.
(20) When the stove is on working in same function or long-playing no body to operate and to press any button(about 120 minutes) this products will shut down automatically, with plan safety.
(21) Be apart from you to cook still have much long-playing?
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