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Kruger in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2019-09-08Updated:2019-09-08
Similar words: brugesaugerlugerruggerdrug enforcement agencykruppbank runbankruptMeaning: n. Boer statesman (1825-1904). 
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1 As she walks along the shore, Kruger gathers loose fishing line that has been tossed on the shore.
2 Kruger tried to brush the dart from his robe.
3 If this scene was anything to go by, Kruger would have him in a cellar with the waters slowly rising.
4 Kruger is watching them like a hawk!
5 Kruger and Brannen are the leading contenders.
6 In the hall Kruger took out his handkerchief and mopped his perspiring face.
7 Kruger determines to drive him to suicide by whatever means at his disposal.
8 The Gestapo captain had made his feelings about Kruger quite plain,( accusing him of wasting the Gestapo's time.
9 Kruger took up a sword-sharp scimitar and held it aloft for blessing.
10 Kruger was earning about $ 500, 000.
11 Prof Kruger decided to conduct the study after a winter holiday trip with friends across Europe.
12 Kruger says one way of lengthening the lives of men is to promote a more monogamist and more financially egalitarian society.
13 Kruger first became interested in studying the effects of gender imbalance on the marriage market when he caught a glimpse of a magazine cover on a trip to New York City.
14 Prof Kruger said his research was important because if men and women understood each other's shopping strategies they could avoid arguments in the Christmas rush.
15 Dan Kruger is a researcher at U of M. He says competing for a mate tends to make men take more dangerous risks and pursue more stressful careers(, thus increasing their chances of dying younger.
16 Do you happen to know Bernd and Elsa Kruger in Minneapolis?
17 "The Kalahari is not like the Kruger National Park in South Africa, which is rich with vegetation, it is very harsh and dry, " he said.
18 After controlling for income and race, Kruger found that in areas where women were scarce, women married slightly earlier.
19 And in their own dossiers, I found a few suggestive hints to the effect that Rains and Kruger were hardly spotless.
20 The primacy of the female nude as a motif of modern art, from Courbet to Kruger, is examined.
21 A young baboon plays with a discarded lump of chewing gum, in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
22 "It had this cover picture on it that said, 'Attack of the Single Woman, ' and it had this giant woman with a big red dress like Godzilla tromping through the city, " Kruger recalled.
23 A hungry lioness was photographed by a brave tourist as she attacked an enormous water buffalo in Kruger National Park in South Africa.
24 Almost half of the estimated 850 bird species recorded in South Africa can be seen in the Kruger National Park, which makes it one of the most rewarding birding spots in the world.
25 "We've actually seen changes in the so-called internal causes of death, " says Kruger, "Things that aren't directly behavior related, like cardio-vascular disease and cancer.
26 After exploring sleepy little villages and reaching Prague, the first thing the women wanted to do was shop, Prof Kruger said, and the men could not understand why.
27 This leopard is in tree in the Mala Game Reserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa.
28 Hornbills, starlings, vultures, rollers, bee eaters and shrikes typify the ubiquitous 1 avifauna 2 of the Kruger.
29 At least 14 poachers, all Mozambican, have been arrested and several illegal firearms seized in Kruger this year.
30 The rhino-raping and killing males, it turns out, originated in Kruger National Park.
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