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Just-in-time in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-06-19Updated:2017-06-19
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1. Just-in-time learning puts considerable pressure on organizations to figure out what training to provide when, and where.
2. Just-in-time management philosophy has moved from manufacturing to the university library sector.
3. Psion also intends to implement a just-in-time strategy both at this site and at Psion Dacom to further reduce working capital requirements.
4. Write tests in a "just-in-time" fashion, when you find the need to modify a class that doesn't have good (or any) tests.
4. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
5. I've already discussed the first: just-in-time hacks to code because of schedule or other external pressures.
6. Dynamic binary translator is a just-in-time compiler, which translates the instructions of source architecture to the instructions of target architecture when an application is running.
7. And it didn't allow for just-in-time IM invitations, or for RSS subscription to 'categories' of event invitations.
8. The just-in-time invitations (e.g. for meditation sessions) go out to all the members who have subscribed to a group, usually just a few minutes before the event.
9. Just-In-Time requires that only when need, it will provide exact quantity. It will realize the aim of maximal profit by getting rid of waste in pull mode.
10. It is capable of providing a door to door service. It has not any break in the journey to change from one vehicle to another. So it can be flexible enough to perform "just-in-time" delivery.
11. Dynamic, just-in-time discovery and wiring: the virtualized infrastructure can be flexibly and even partially moved across servers, private and public clouds.
12. For example, in installation, deployment, and just-in-time resource activation scenarios, the resource might not exist when a manager starts to interact with it.
13. Over the past decade or so the just-in-time concept of having supplies delivered at the last minute, so as to keep inventories down, has spread down the global manufacturing chain.
14. Just-in-time strategy ensures that while minimizing inventory levels, materials are made available for production.
15. Provides just-in-time generation of publication previews in dedicated browsing perspective that allows rapid configuration switching.
16. Assembled products can be quickly shipped to wherever they are needed with just-in-time air freight delivery systems.
17. It's an enabling technology for concepts like zero-defects and just-in-time inventory management.
18. Many sophisticated supply chains now stretch across continents and rely on just-in-time delivery.
19. The DLR provides a unified object model for dynamic languages and the ability to host just-in-time compilers needed for so-called scripting languages.
20. Similarly, your project doesn't have enough time to do something right, so you hack a just-in-time solution and hope to use some future time to come back and retrofit it.
21. You can send invitations to people for meetings and other events, either well in advance, or just-in-time.
22. Production workers must be able to do statistical quality control; production workers must be able to do just-in-time inventories.
23. The loop I used here should be a minor defect, because any decent Just-in-time (JIT) compiler will perform loop unrolling, which lessens the impact.
24. Apart from an absolute moral imperative, trends such as outsourcing and just-in-time production compel the international community to make sure that no part of the world suffers disproportionately.
25. These statistics dispense data on the basic JVM features, such as Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation, class loading, memory allocation, and most interestingly, garbage collection.
26. Native code is compiled (and can be recompiled) by a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler while the application runs, based on which classes and methods are invoked frequently.
27. Analysts will also find themselves defining requirements iteratively, often in a just-in-time fashion within the same iteration as they are implemented.
28. Entropy is a measure of complexity, and if you add complexity now because of a just-in-time solution to a problem, you must pay some price for that for the remaining life of the project.
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