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Jammer in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-01-16Updated:2018-01-16
Similar words: jammedyammerhammerstammerscammercrammerspammerslammerMeaning: ['dʒæmə(r)]  n. a transmitter used to broadcast electronic jamming. 
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1 Sprayway's Micro Jammer is a fleece jacket made even more functional with a windproof outer layer.
2 The electronic jammer was fully operational.
3 The velocity deception jamming released by airborne repeater jammer is of co-channel nature.
4 Weapon Jammer - Instead of firing on the air units, any unit targeted by this will stop firing.
5 After using noise jammer, submarine′s course relate to the effect of acoustic countermeasure against torpedo and the successful elusion probability of submarine.
6 In the case of one jammer within the main beam, the average angle of arrival given by the seeker points in the direction of the jammer.
7 Noise jammer is one of the primary jamming that radar seekers have to antagonize.
8 Yet any jammer for the slammer would run afoul of the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits intentional interference with radio signals.
9 AWACS Thunderhead Concentrate on shooting down the enemy jammer aircraft. The transport can wait.
10 The ECM includes a standoff jammer (SOJ) broadcasting wideband noise and targets attempting range gate pull off (RGPO).
11 No competitor will let the Jammer pass without a fight.
12 This handheld cell phone jammer comes complete with battery,( charger and carry case.
13 IR active jam technology includes IR decoy, IR jammer, DIRCM laser blinding, etc.
14 Methods of wide band multipath jammer tracking with passive radar seeker are presented.
15 The optimum design parameters and the applicable methods of radar altimeter jammer are provided to supply references to the designer or the user of radar altimeter jammer.
16 A method for realizing isolation between and transmitter of a jammer in modulation field is introduced.
17 So it is important to design a novel CATV scouting system to suppress the man - made jammer.
18 If the radar is working in a kind of circular scanning mode, the cancellation performance will be degraded greatly because of the jammer changing incident angle.
19 The results show that the method can effectively reduce angular measurement error of the monopulse radar when tracking noise jammer.
20 The performance of several real underwater acoustic countermeasure equipments like the noise jammer, the acoustic bait and the gas bubble are investigated.
21 The technology of one - machine - against - multi - mechanisms multifunctional jammers is proposed to jam different mechanisms with one single jammer.
22 IR active jamming technology includes IR decoy , IR jammer, DIRCM laser blinding, etc.
23 A jamming signal based on this method is constructed, and at the same time a blue print is given which shows how to realize the isolation between receive and transmitter of a jammer by this method.
24 That meant keeping the Boeing jet, for only it has a dedicated jammer version, the EA-18G Growler.
25 The obtained results can be used in the jamming signal mode design and the parameter select of the jamming signal of the design of PD radar jammer.
26 Since this system works automatically instead of manually, the control velocity and precision have been increased and the automation level of airborne electronic jammer has been improved.
27 The paper discussed the principle and realization of computer simulation about electronic countermeasures between wireless fuze and electronic jammer.
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