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Intragastric in a sentence

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1. Duodenogastric reflux was identified when intragastric sodium concentrations exceeded 50 mmol/l.
2. Methods Acute liver injury was induced by intragastric thioacetamide(TAA).
3. Methods:Using the method of intragastric administration, to observe the acute toxicity of the crude and processed products of Entada phaseoloides in mice and determine their LD50.
4. Increases in intragastric pressure with succinylcholine administration, when they do occur, appear to correlate with the magnitude and the intensity of fasciculations.
5. The intragastric tumid type again can be classified into protuberant, two peaks and fungoid subgroup.
6. Acute liver injury was induced by intragastric thioacetamide( TAA ).
7. Conclusion Hydrotalcid can combine intragastric bile and is effective on bile reflux gastritis.
8. Conclusion:In ELBW infants are unable to tolerate intragastric feeding, transpyloric feeding significantly reduced the severity of apnoea and bradycardia and improved feed tolerance.
9. AIM: To analyze rapidly the intragastric substances of comatose patients caused by the drugs, in order to judge the medical factors leading to coma.
10. On the second day, accommodation, intragastric pressure and gastric compliance using an electronic barostat were measured by mechanical distension.
11. The rats were exposed to lead acetate through intragastric administration for 8 weeks. The blood, bone, brain, kidney, ovaries and testis of all rats were extracted in the end of the 8th week.
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12. Method:TLC was used for patients intragastric substances to identify qualitatively.
13. Diltiazem hydrochloride intragastric floating delayed - onset sustained - release tablets were prepared by dry - compression coating technique.
14. Objective:To investigate the effect and the mechanism of intragastric administration of gentamicin and lactulose on stress ulcer in rats with obstructive jaundice.
15. The increase in intragastric pressure is assumed to be due to fasciculation of the abdominal skeletal muscles.
16. Increases in intragastric pressure, when they, appear to correlate the magnitude and the intensity of fasciculations.
17. We conclude from this study that H pylori eradication enhances gastric juice ascorbate secretion, and thus increases intragastric anti-oxidant protection.
18. Similar studies need to be done to evaluate the role of the cholinergic nerves in the gastric response to intragastric ethanol.
19. Methods The damage of gastric mucosa was observed by using intragastric perfusion with peptone and HCl.
20. Methods The CAG models in rats were produced by intragastric ammonia water, ethanol and deoxysodium cholate infusion.
21. Methods In 40 gastric mucosa injury model rabbits induced by intragastric administration of absolute ethyl alcohol, the effect of acupuncture on gastric motor function was observed.
22. Objective To observe the curative effect of E-jiao hematinic ointment on posthemorrhagic anemia and nonspecific immunity of mice given by intragastric administration.
23. The rat model of alcoholic liver fibrosis was induced by intragastric infusion of increasing concentration of ethanol 3 times per day.
24. The model rats were administrated IRH by means of intragastric administration contrasting with hydergine to compare the effect.
25. Pretreatment with a high dose of capsaicin to ablate afferent fibers completely abolished the GMBF and partially inhibited the acid secretion during the intragastric distention.
26. Conclusion The Magnolia biondii Pamp volatile oil nanometer bangosome may have little toxicity by intragastric administration and nose dropping.
27. There is a theoretical risk of the aspiration of gastric fluid and contents with the increased intragastric pressure associated with the administration of succinylcholine.
28. The results showed that duodenal afferent messages were involved in the inhibitory effects of GAO and GMBF response to intragastric peptone during duodenal infusion of hyperosmotic solution.
29. Objective To investigate the relationship of the symptoms of duodenogastric reflux (DGR) with the quantity of intragastric bilirubin.
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