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Epigastrium in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2018-05-22Updated:2018-05-22
Similar words: epigastricgastricgastringastritishypogastricmonogastrictransgastricgastric juiceMeaning: [‚epɪ'gæstrɪəm]  n. the region lying on or over the stomach (just below the sternum). 
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1) Main body is asked for is epigastrium tenderness.
2) There has been no burning in epigastrium.
3) Inappetence , epigastrium has unwell feeling.
4) Its patient much companion has epigastrium to bilge full, pectoral coerce suffering is full, umbilical ministry moves palpitate hyperfunction,[] the disease such as constipation.
5) The stomach cancer patient epigastrium ache, through will hold back will also have the alleviation.
6) Because the gallbladder is located at the epigastrium , a shape like small beverage bottle.
7) The disease since this disease is urgent suddenly, clinical and main show is pang of shiver, high fever, epigastrium , disgusting, vomiting, have purulent sex puke occasionally.
8) The pain of biliary colic is occasionally in the epigastrium.
9) Most patient is without a symptom, if semiotic much performance is meal hind full bilge, ache of belch, anorexia, disgusting, epigastrium is unwell, or angular, anaemic , glossitis, diarrhoea.
10) Objective To evaluate the anesthesia methods and management of the patients with epigastrium operation.
11) Objective To discuss the methods of anesthesia of the epigastrium operation for the aged high-risk patients.
12) Chronic portal hypertension may lead to development of collateral circulation , which is manifested as caput medusa in the region of the umbilicus and epigastrium.
13) Objective:To estimate the feasibility of continuous target controlled infusion of isopropyl hydroxy-benzene in compound epidural block of epigastrium operation.
14) As a result of XuWine, the person that excitant food and medicaments are caused, have epigastrium more unwell, aching, anorexia, disgusting, vomiting, general very not serious.
15) On examination the main physical sign is tenderness in the epigastrium or right hypochondria , but between attacks this may be absent.
16) The body of gastric ulcer is asked for in alleviate period much not apparent, if fit period does not have complication, can ache at epigastrium the area has tenderness to nod only, general lighter.
17) Couclusions In the past 5 years, pulmonary test in our hospital held a dominant position for conventional operations of thoracotomy, followed by those of epigastrium.
18) First pharynx and larynx stresses urticant feeling and calcination feeling, epigastrium calcination feels or ache, appear ever since gastroenteritis symptom, acuteness vomiting, diarrhoea.
19) The systoms, lasting from 1 to 19 months, included repeated malaise of pain attack in the epigastrium, right epigastrium, or back, accompanied by fever, anorexia, loss of weight or not.
20) The clinical expression with common gastric ulcer has the abdominal pain of epigastrium of bureau be confined to, but reduce limitation, slow sex and section law sex.
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