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Hypophyseal in a sentence

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Similar words: hypophysisneurohypophysisadenohypophysisepiphysealapophysisemphysemahypopneahypoplasiaMeaning: adj. of or relating to the hypophysis. 
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1. The dura mater enters the hypophyseal fossa by its edge and forms three inter-cavernous sinus.
2. Methods:The microsurgical anatomy of the superior hypophyseal artery was performed in 48 internal carotid arteries on 24 cranial specimens.
3. Methods 4 patients with space-occupying lesion of the hypophyseal stalk received fractionated X-knife therapy.
4. Objective To evaluate the sex hormone and hypophyseal hormone alterations in male liver cirrhosis patients and their clinical significance.
5. Objective To supply sellar region, particularly the hypophyseal fossa boundaries and parasellar structural anatomy parameter for clinical neurosurgery.
6. Optic nerve was mainly supported by superior anterior hypophyseal artery.
7. The number of new cases of hypophyseal tumor increases along with the advances in neuroimaging technology in recent years.
8. For this reason, we improved the previous culturing method and established the joint culturing system of hypothalamic neuron and hypophyseal cell by using joint culturing technique.
9. In this study, the ophthalmic, clinoid segment of contralateral ICA and the contralateral superior hypophyseal artery were successfully exposed in 100% of specimens (15 specimens, 30 sides).
10. The meningo-hypophyseal trunk usually gave rise to three branches, viz, the tentorial artery[], the dorsal meningeal artery and the inferior hypophyseal artery.
11. Dynamic analysis of serum levels of sex hormone and hypophyseal hormone is useful for clinical diagnosis of cirrhosis and severity of liver dysfunction.
12. Conclusion Fractionated X-knife therapy is an effective and safe procedure for patients with space-occupying lesion of the hypophyseal stalk.
13. Results: In this study, the ophthalmic, clinoid segment of contralateral ICA and the contralateral superior hypophyseal artery were successfully exposed in all specimens (15 specimens, 30 sides).
14. The small branches seen anteriorly to optic chiasma in the chiasmatic cistern were almost always the branches of superior hypophyseal artery.
15. Its clinical manifestations and imaging features are similar to hypophyseal tumor, but the endocrine and pathologic features are different.
16. This article discusses the application of long-term follow-up in non-operative hypophyseal tumor patients and its influence on the prognosis.
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17. Objective To evaluate the treatment with fractionated X-knife therapy to space-occupying lesion of the hypophyseal stalk.
18. The ophthalmic arterial portion of the supraclinoidal segment sent off the ophthalmic artery, the superior hypophyseal artery and the hypothalamic branch.
19. Objective To explore the relationship between serum levels of sex hormone, hypophyseal hormone and severity of liver dysfunction in the male patients with cirrhosis in the stage of decompensation.
20. The anterior pituitary gland is perfused by its portal venous system, which passes down the hypophyseal stalk. This unusual vascular supply likely contributes to frequency of pituitary apoplexy.
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