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Endogenetic in a sentence

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Similar words: genetic endowmentexogeneticbiogeneticandrogeneticcytogeneticautogeneticontogeneticphylogeneticMeaning: adj. of rocks formed or occurring beneath the surface of the earth. 
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(1) The endogenetic and gradual feature of institutional evolvement makes informal institution be an important issue in economic growth and social development.
(2) In this region, most endogenetic deposits are controlled by these large magmatic activity areas (zones), and a large magmatic activity area (zone) constitutes a metallogenic system.
(3) And collective effects of endogenetic and exogenic forces such as geologic structure, volcanic activity and sea level change controlled the origin and evolvement of the sub-order geomorphic types.
(4) Covering almost all the large endogenetic metallic deposits there are distinct local aeromagnetic anomalies.
(5) The endogenetic layoff probability characteristic of evaluating performance enables employees with different types to work harder, increase the output and accordingly gain higher payment.
(6) The endogenetic gold deposits, controlled strata and fold system sometimes have not very long gap on formation epoch, as they belong to the same geotectonic stages.
(7) This article has introduced the endogenetic bacteria separated from the grasshopper body, which could produce new antibacterial substances, and the primary research of its character.
(8) Some endogenetic gold deposits controlled by the fold systems which situated in the pre geosynclinal and the geosynclinal stages are formed in the Meso Cenozoic eras also.
(9) Zhejiang should combine endogenetic force with ectogenous force and promote economic transformation by adjusting export structure.
(10) Comparative Advantage, Endogenetic Innovation, Economic Growth and Income Distribution Direction Should Chinese Economy Head in?
(11) In this paper, we consider an endogenetic money supply system to review the relation bet ween fiscal policy and consumption demand.
(12) Endogenetic ROS were produced by phorbol myristate acetate (PMA) stimulating human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN), detected by CL and identified with specific antioxidants.
(13) The Endogenetic Industrial Cluster which mainly includes Small-medium firms contributes to Chinese economy very much.
(14) The foundation of money comes from the system of endogenetic monetary supply.
(15) According to the theory of comparative superiority and competitive superiority[sentence dictionary], comparative superiority can be divided into ectogenic and endogenetic one.
(16) The term cogenetic deposit is proposed to describe those formed through a combination of endogenetic and exogenetic processes, operating simultaneously at or proximal to the Earth's surface.
(17) A new thought is proposed to forecast mineralization of endogenetic deposits based on metamorphic grade of coal.
(18) The function of land system is more important because land system is an endogenetic variable of the development of rural economy and society.
(19) The second part is a concrete analysis the influence of endogenetic variable.
(20) The society field was composed of both the part released by state and the endogenetic part in the market field.
(21) Many fold systems constituted by the Precambrian Paleozoic platform structural layer and the endogenetic gold deposits controlled by those fold systems are formed in the Meso Cenozoic eras.
(22) Such activity can enrich students with knowledge about the map reading skills, endogenetic and exogenetic processes, as well as interest on geographical features in Hong Kong.
(23) Objective To discuss the oncogenesis, clinical manifestation and relative treatment of hand endogenetic cartilaginous tumor.
(24) Only in the pole axis theory, do the point and the line become the endogenetic variable and they form the two indispensable factors of constructing spatial structure.
(25) It is of significance in the improvement of prospecting efficiency and in searching endogenetic deposits.
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