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Parthenogenetic in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2019-01-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: parthenogenesisbiogeneticexogeneticautogeneticcytogeneticphylogeneticphylogeneticallypharmacogeneticsMeaning: adj. (of reproduction) not involving the fusion of male and female gametes in reproduction. 
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1 Soon the whole species would consist only of parthenogenetic females.
2 Of woman plasm is different from the parthenogenetic egg?
3 The culture of porcine oocytes maturation in vitro, parthenogenetic activation of MII porcine oocytes and embryo culture are main technology of embryo biology engineering.
4 In this paper, a parthenogenetic algorithm for solving the degree-constrained minimum spanning tree problem is proposed.
5 In this paper, we propose a hybrid parthenogenetic algorithm approach to solve a general resources constrained and shortest time optimization problem.
6 Oocytes parthenogenetic activation is the key technology of nucleus transplant and effective method investigating mammalian impregnation mechanism and development mechanism.
7 Effects of activation methods on the parthenogenetic development of buffalo oocytes were examined in this study.
8 The example shows that parthenogenetic algorithm based on asexual reproduction can successfully solve the problem of large-scale distillation separation sequence synthesis.
9 No definition of terminologies: parthenogenetic reproduction technique, gene modification technique.
10 This study shows for the first time that parthenogenetic blood cells can replace those of an immunocompromised adult mouse.
11 Parthenogenetic Anemia has TO basic zymogram and ALP marker zone which are significantly different from those of the bisexual Artemia.
12 An immune algorithm based on parthenogenetic operators is proposed for solving the model.
13 Parthenogenetic embryos could be used to detect the culture system in vitro as well as fertilized embryos.
14 After the simple introduction of cold-rolling process,( this paper builds a model of intelligent merging coils and proposes an improved parthenogenetic algorithm to solve this model.
15 They can, however, generate "uniparental" embryonic stem cell lines. Uniparental embryos with two maternal sets of chromosomes are known as parthenogenetic.
16 Effects of 6 dimethylaminopurine ( DMAP ) on the parthenogenetic development of bovine oocytes were examined in this study.
17 Effects of cycloheximide (CHX) and cytochalasin B (CB) on the parthenogenetic development of buffalo oocytes were investigated.
18 To effectively solve the unit optimal commitment of power system, an improved parthenogenetic algorithm (IPGA) is presented.
19 Parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells have similar capacity of totipotency and proliferation, and can be established from parthenogenetic activation of discarded oocytes. This paper reviews the pr...
20 The oocytes release from the MII arrest complete the meiotic division till fertilization or parthenogenetic activation.
21 Therefore the allo-granular cells' mitochondria transfer improved the development of bovine parthenogenetic embryos.
22 These celibate species resulted from the hybridization of different sexual species, a process that instills the parthenogenetic lizards with a great amount of genetic diversity at the outset.
23 The paper reveals the solution to sort the air-compressor blade problems with simulated annealing parthenogenetic algorithm in MATLAB.
24 This paper formulates for solving the data clustering problem as a graph partition optimal problem, and proposes a parthenogenetic algorithm based on immune mechanism.
25 The effects of fetal bovine serum(FBS) addition time, concentration and different culture systems on the developmental potentiality of bovine parthenogenetic embryos were observed.
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