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Epigenetics in a sentence

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1 With epigenetics you look at how the genome responds to the environment. How things like toxins and diet and other things turn on the switches that regulate how certain genes are expressed.
2 With epigenetics you look at how the genome responds to the enviornment. How things like toxins and diet and other things turn on the switches that regulate how certain genes are expressed.
3 Hoping to understand what's happening in those clouds, epigenetics researchers have focused on biochemical switches that turn genes on and off.
4 To many scientists, epigenetics amounts to a heresy, calling into question the accepted view of the DNA sequence ? a cornerstone on which modern biology sits.
5 Epigenetics refers to the function of DNA that does not depend on the coding DNA sequence itself but on the accessory molecules and mechanisms affected by DNA.
6 Epigenetics adds a whole new layer to genes beyond the DNA.
7 Epigenetics, an area of research that is studying how environmental factors produce lasting changes in gene expression without altering DNA sequence,[] may provide new insights into this question.
8 The new science of epigenetics rewrites the rules of disease, heredity, and identity.
9 The definition of epigenetics is somewhat variable, with some scientists limiting the term to refer to specific molecular mechanisms that alter gene expression.
10 Research on epigenetics, while yet to uncover anything as dramatic as Lamarck's giraffes , does suggest that acquired traits can be heritable, and that Lamarck was not so wrong after all.
11 Epigenetics is a type of gene regulation that can be passed from a cell to its daughters.
12 Epigenetics covers a broad range of effects, and several are discussed in this special issue.
13 Recent studies on DNA methylation and its regulatory enzymes, seem hot to researches of epigenetics.
14 Mann's group, for the 2010 work on ART and epigenetics, used mice to examine changes on four genes following a superovulation procedure.
15 But the concept of Lamarckian inheritance has made a comeback in recent years, as scientists learn more about epigenetics.
16 The center uses money from the fundraiser to provide start-up grants to researchers across multiple disciplines including epidemiology, biochemistry and epigenetics.
17 Bygren's data — along with those of many other scientists working separately over the past 20 years — have given birth to a new science called epigenetics.
18 Recently, scientists have discovered that these changes can themselves be passed down from one generation to the next — a burgeoning new area of study called epigenetics.
19 Paradoxically, both forms of malnutrition may act through a similar molecular process of modifying DNA, called epigenetics, to cause stable, but non-heritable, changes to the way genes are used.
20 All this explains why the scientific community is so nervously excited about epigenetics.
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