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Drawing off in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2017-04-02
Similar words: drawingdraw insomething ofat the beginning ofdrawdrawldrawndraw upMeaning: n. act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source. 
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1. The fluid can be drawn off with a syringe.
2. I drew off three pints of beer from the barrel.
3. Doctors drew off a pint of his
4. He drew off a glass of beer.
5. We have orders to draw off our forces.
6. The enemies'losses forced them to draw off.
7. He drew off a pint of beer from the barrel.
8. She drew off a little of her home-made wine just to taste.
9. The doctor drew off some fluid to relieve the pressure.
10. The cold water is heated as it is drawn off.
11. Her collar-length, mousey hair was drawn off her forehead.
12. We could draw off a pint to fill a customer's empty jam jar.
13. So, when the Persians found themselves doing no better than on the previous day, they drew off again.
14. The barmaid drew off two measures and passed them across the counter.
15. Draw off the suspension with a Pasteur pipette leaving debris behind, and transfer to a conical centrifuge tube.
16. My opponent drew off his mask and I gazed into the red, sweaty face of the king.
17. The auto start up, auto-shutdown, auto-sampling and drawing off are realized by means of expert control.
18. Arbitrarily, penetrate drawing off exploding of clothes laughing at consequence, do not look at regret!
19. Wipe the drawing off the blackboard before the teacher sees it.
20. Note that drawing off screen (outside of the bounds defined by size) is not illegal, but simply ignored.
21. This paper analyzes the type of drawing off water in goaf, introduces the technology of it at different goaf, and provides the methods of solving the existing questions.
22. If salting eggplant before frying improves the texture by drawing off liquid, what about pressing the eggplant in addition?
23. After some variety of determination, I and the reed is tiny fast of toward back drawing off.
24. The company has managed to thread a long, thin tube into the broken pipe, but that is only drawing off a fraction of the flow.
25. Reactive blue 19 has poor solubility in alkali liquor when drawing off sulfuric acid ester with strong hydrophilic in batch. So, this dyestuff can not be used on cellulose by this dyeing method.
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