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Cucumis in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2019-07-06Updated:2019-07-06
Similar words: cucumbersea cucumberas cool as a cucumbercucurbitcucurbita pepocumincurcumincumin seedMeaning: n. cucumbers; muskmelons. 
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(1) A efficient regeneration system of plantlets was established with cotyledon as explants in melon (Cucumis melo L.
(2) Melon ( Cucumis melo L. ) is one of a worldwide horticultural crop.
(3) Status of seed treatment of physical techniques on cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. ) was summarized.
(4) Conclusions:Ossotide injection and cervus and cucumis polypeptide injection as adjunctive therapy can promote the healing on fracture of children.
(5) Hypocotyl of Cucumis melon L. can be induced to occur adventitious root on 1/4 MS solid medium.
(6) Inheritance of short stem character on Cucumis melo L was analysized , using long stem variety Zhuangyuan and short stem resources 1A533 and 1A440 as materials.
(7) Various doses and energy of the proton beam were used to treat dry seeds of melon(Cucumis melo L. ).
(8) Rape (Brassica campestris L. )Was found to be a more susceptible species than cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. )and maize (Zea mays L. ).
(9) China is the largest country of sweet melon (Cucumis melo L. ) fruit production that accounted for more than 40 percent of total growing acreage and yield in the world.
(10) The genomic DNA was effectively extracted from 11 different sex types of cucumber(Cucumis sativus L. ) via developed isopropanol-precipitating method.
(11) Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. ) is globally and widely cultivated vegetable. In China, it helps to provide a year-round vegetable supply.
(12) Research advances of haploid breeding of cucumber(Cucumis sativus L. ) were reviewed in the paper, including anther culture, ovary culture and induction of haploid obtained by irradiated pollen.
(13) Objective :The Mechanism of Study On Cervus and Cucumis Polypeptide Injection on Promoting Chondrocytes Proliferation with Knee Osteoarthritis.
(14) Nutmeg melon belongs to the genus of cucumis and the family of cucurbitacea, which is one of the favorite fruits for consumers.
(15) Effects of different growth regulator on organ culture of Cucumis melo var.
(16) In this study, AFLP, SRAP are better for reference linkage map construction in Cucumis sativus L. (, and SSR is only a kind of complementary molecular marker.
(17) The latest research progress on the inheritance of resistance and molecular markers in cucumber ( Cucumis sativus L.
(18) The influence of external vitamin C on chloroplast membrane lipid of cucumber ( Cucumis sativus L. ) has been studied.
(19) Early differentiation of floral primordium before the appearance of megascopic primordia protuberance was investigated in Cucumis sativus L.
(20) This paper reports the experimental results of the introduction of Japanese cucumis Melo in Nothern Guangxi.
(21) The procedure and system could meet the demands for genome SRAP amplification in Cucumis melo L.
(22) They can submit their text to be translated on cucumis. org and invite their visitors to translate on cucumis. org.
(23) The method of tissue culture is used to induce the cotyledons of cucumis melon to become callus and then adventitious buds.
(24) GliSODin is a patented, non-GMO, water dispersible form of SOD lyophilized extract from the edible plant Cucumis melo (Melon).
(25) CFL gene, a LFY homologue, was cloned from cucumber ( Cucumis sativus L. ).
(26) High Effective System Establishment of Regeneration in Vitro from Cotyledon Nodes of Cucumis melo L.
(27) The control effects of preharvest azoxystrobin (AZX) treatments on downy mildews, powdery mildews and latent infection rate of fruits and pink rot, Fusarium rot on the fruits of Cucumis melo cv.
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