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Centrifugal force in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-04-21Updated:2017-04-21
Antonym: centripetal forceSimilar words: eccentricgeocentricegocentricethnocentricheliocentricenforcementpercentper centMeaning: n. the outward force on a body moving in a curved path around another body. 
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1. The juice is extracted by centrifugal force.
2. The centrifugal force is not influenced by temperature. 27.
3. They have inertia, mass and momentum and obey centrifugal force.
4. Centrifugal force can be greater than the force of gravity.
5. Decentralization and its resulting centrifugal force have sent many managers reeling as well.
6. Considerable attention is given to the action of centrifugal force in grinding wheels.
7. The spin-drier use centrifugal force to made the cloth dry.
8. The stepless speed variator uses centrifugal force as positive pressure that acts directly on internal friction wheel, not bearing, to increase drive efficiency.
9. Both gravity and centrifugal force will pull you downhill.
10. The centrifugal force is very big.
11. The principles of centrifugal force are used in the design of centrifuge - type machines.
12. The centrifugal force developed by the rotating flyweight sis translated into an upward force that lifts the plunger.
13. Suitable for conveying sensitivity and vulnerability to centrifugal force and other items damaged items.
14. Centrifugal force pushes it toward the point furthest, away from the point of rotation.
15. Principle: Separate plasm and dregs by centrifugal force.
16. N: Centrifugal force pushes it toward the point furthest, away from the point of rotation.
17. Powers popped his canopy, loosened his harness and was ejected by the centrifugal force.
18. Although it was once carried out by hand, machines using centrifugal force are now used instead.
19. Earlier experiments had compared the Earth's gravitational attraction with the centrifugal force from its own rotation.
19. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
20. Despite the powerful persuasion of such experiences, there is no centrifugal force pushing you outward as the car turns.
21. It was Moxie, who was leaning against the wall beside her, seemingly spreadeagled by some centrifugal force.
22. The influence of percentage of gas in oil, slope of side plate, effective bulk modulus, and centrifugal force and gear pair vibration on trapped oil pressure is studied by numerical simulation.
23. Out in the shaft loaded oil ring groove or by centrifugal force along the axis of the oil drain off the surface, the oil flows back to the assembly after the pool, and thus play a role in sealing.
24. The adjustable eccentric weight can drive to the central line of main shaft through motor. Under the unstable state, it produces centrifugal force that makes raw material form vortex in the sieve.
25. The centrifuging method is to overcome the capillary force with centrifugal force, so it is effective in medium-high porosity and permeability reservoir.
26. It usually consists of two balls or weights which work by centrifugal force.
27. Reed switch; Proximity sensor; Float Sensor; E-bike Brake Switch; Reed Relay; Flow Switch; Tilt Sensor Switch; Vibration Sensor Switch; Centrifugal Force Sensor Switch.
28. The actual output force of output weight is the resultant of centrifugal force formed by output weight and the force by reinforcement weight and amplified by step-up system.
29. The strength calculation formula of the screw propeller under the action of centrifugal force was obtained through multivariate fitting.
30. Choosing proper equilibrant action point, we can have the moment of force to be balanced as the centrifugal force is countera...
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