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Biasing in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2018-04-16Updated:2018-05-26
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1. Bias against women permeates every level of the judicial system.
2. Some institutions still have a strong bias against women.
3. She has a strong musical bias.
4. The government has accused the media of bias.
5. My ignorance biased me against popular music.
6. Fate was strongly biased against him.
7. Liverpool only lost the game because the referee was biased.
8. You can't help being biased so you may as well be up front about it.
9. They are accusing the teacher of political bias in his marking.
10. Many parents are biased against popular music.
11. He seemed a bit biased against women in my opinion.
12. Employers must consider all candidates impartially and without bias.
13. Students were evaluated without bias or favoritism.
14. The lawyer made a tearful plea to bias the jury.
15. The university has a bias towards/in favour of/against the sciences.
16. Given data which are free from bias there are further snares to avoid in statistical work.
17. The newspaper has a clear bias towards the Conservative Party.
18. Of course I'm biased(sentence dictionary), but I thought my daughter's paintings were the best.
19. University funding was tremendously biased towards scientists.
20. The committee is of a/has a conservative bias.
21. We must give great care upon transistor biasing.
22. This common-mode biasing can be achieved using the on-chip differential amplifier, further reducing the external signal conditioning requirements.
23. The tunnel diode monostable circuit with non-linear biasing plays an important role in millimicrosecond pulse techniques.
24. When a backward biasing voltage is applied, the thickness of a depletion layer formed is made large, so that generation of hot carriers is minimized.
25. Note that the saturation potential differences are close to the supply e.m.f.s biasing the operational amplifier.
26. The ZXLD 1600 series converters can also generate three voltages for biasing TFT or active matrix displays.
27. A method to reduce the static error and output impedance by biasing the TL431 is given.
28. This OAP is constructed by three parts: a folded-cascode amplifier, a biasing circuit and a CMFB circuit.
29. It is proved that cubage, rigidity, resonant frequency, sensitivity, temperature expanding, biasing and biasing stability of this dithering mechanism can meet the demands of dither biasing.
30. Best guess why: some lock-related optimizations (such as lock elision or lock biasing) failed to kick in (see Resources).
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