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Absolute value in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-08-31Updated:2017-08-31
Similar words: absoluteabsolutelyabsolute majorityabsolute monarchyabsolute magnitudeabsolute advantageabsolutionabsolutismMeaning: n. a numerical value regardless of its sign. 
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1, It is given the symbol U. The absolute value of the internal energy of a system can not be determined experimentally.
2, Write a template that returns the absolute value of its parameter.
3, The study shows that the absolute value of prompt negative temperature coefficient decreases observably along with the increasing of weight percentage of uranium.
4, Absolute value circuit is the key part of subrange ADC, its Amplitude and frequency characteristics directly affect the Amplitude and frequency characteristics of ADC.
5, The bars denote the absolute value.
6, One is whether to focus on relative or absolute value.
7, The absolute value of - 4 is 4.
8, The integral absolute value, autoregressive (AR) model coefficients, and linear cepstrum coefficients are extracted as feature parameters from time segments of the surface myoelectric signals.
9, Return the absolute value of a number.
10, For the absolute value of information keeps increasing during decoding, short word length with finite quantization ranges will lead to serious saturation errors, which damages decoding performance.
11, Expression to compute the absolute value of.
12, Computes the absolute value of its argument.
13, The maximum absolute value of a periodically quantity.
14, In the cooling storage ring absolute value of charge mean root radius of Lithium-like nuclei will be measured by the X-ray laser.
15, In mathematics, the absolute value of a number,( value.html) irrespective of sign.
16, In some measuring and controlling system, many absolute value angle encoder output are based on SSI interface.
17, As with nearly all financial data, changes in the ratios may be more significant than their absolute values.
18, Through comparing the simulating data with the known data, the average absolute value of the comparative error is less than 10%.
19, The other kind of feature points are those where the absolute value of the scalar product of its normal vector and the view vector is less than a threshold.
20, The Schrodinger equation acts on the entire probability amplitude, not merely its absolute value.
21, The only byte-oriented arithmetic function on the SPU is absdb, "absolute difference of bytes," which gives the absolute value of the difference between two operands.
22, This routine takes in two arguments, the second being the absolute value of time by which, if the lock could not be acquired, the routine returns with a non-zero status.
23, If the result is a negative number, it is turned it into an absolute value.
24, Using five classification method of automatic blood count to examinate lymphocyte and monocyte absolute value in peripheral blood.
25, Results:Binocular abnormality was found to be correlated with the absolute value of fixation disparity and associated phoria.
26, Fiber grating sensing and monitoring technology has such advantages as strong anti interfere performance, good long term stability, absolute value measuring and distributing sensing, etc.
27, The refractive states were measured with an auto-refractomer after surgery and the average absolute value of predictive refractive error were calculated.
28, It is a nodus to solve the derivative of absolute value function.
29, Results Antiarrhythmic effect of COE may be related to its prolongation of action potential duration, increase of the absolute value of resting potential and a decrease of autonomy of sinus node.
30, For the five-port waveguide junction properly works in a six-port reflectometer, the absolute value of the reflection coefficient of every port must be less than 0.1.
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