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Noggin in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-02-12Updated:2018-05-25
Synonym: atticbeanboncedomenoodleSimilar words: doggingloggingjogginghoggingfoggingcloggingfloggingfogginessMeaning: [nɑgɪn /nɒg-] n. informal terms for a human head. 
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1) Use your noggin - think before you decide what to do!
2) The stupid thing hit me right on the noggin.
3) With a spicy noggin to follow - but just the one!
4) Yes, curlier even than Derek Johnstone's big dandelion noggin.
5) NoGGIN members mixed with many members of staff and friends of the University at this very special event.
6) An overabundance of Noggin seemed to cause stem cells to wear themselves out, threatening their ability to make additional neurons in the future.
7) They also showed a notable increase in Noggin, a beautifully named brain protein that acts as a BMP antagonist.
8) Exercise, he says, through a complex interplay with Noggin and BMP, helps to ensure that neuronal stem cells stay lively and new brain cells are born.
9) To keep our noggin well-stocked with resources, three major cerebral arteries are constantly pumping in oxygen.
10) The more Noggin in your brain, the less BMP activity exists and the more stem cell divisions and neurogenesis you experience.
11) Finally, don't neglect your noggin.
12) Tony tries and with his eyes watering declares it a good noggin.
13) They'd all gone to bed the night before when I'd returned from a last noggin with Harry.
14) The oldest people . A bent hag crossed from Cassidy's clutching a noggin bottle by the neck.
15) You wouldn't think it, but the durability of bamboo makes it an ideal protective covering for your noggin.
16) And, who knows, maybe you've got a ridiculous, game-changing, Earth-shattering, totally awesome, revolutionary idea cooking in your noggin, and these tips are about to unleash it.
17) In school, I took multiple years of French, German, and Latin; I was mediocre at the time,( and almost everything I did learn long ago departed my noggin.
18) Just last week, we heard that snorting stem cells might be the best way to get them into your noggin.
19) This finding raises the obvious and disturbing question: can you overdose on Noggin by, for instance, running for hours, amping up your production of the protein throughout?
20) Incidentally, the only thing that would scare us more than driving next to Axl Foley's humongous noggin on the highway is being forced to see the movie.
21) With billions of neurons, each with thousands of connections, one's noggin is a complex, and yes congested, mental freeway.
22) Thoughts about manhandling her into a public restroom and doing the nasty circle around and around in his noggin.
23) The same reaction occurred within the brains of living (unexercised) mice given large doses of Noggin.
24) They have double layer wind-resistant shell and binding, feature 100% Polyester Thermolite for great insulation and they are adjustable in case you have a huge noggin.
25) For the experiment, stem cells from mouse brains were transferred to petri dishes and infused with large doses of Noggin, hindering BMP activity.
26) So, if you don't want to slow down for your own good, do it for the good of your noggin.
27) I didn't grow up in the streets without learning how to patch a busted noggin.
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