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Medially in a sentence

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Similar words: medialremedialmedial rectusfinancial intermediariesmediamediancomedianmediacyMeaning: ['mɪːdɪəlɪ] adv. in a medial position. 
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1. For young readers, however, the medially placed source marker is liable to increase the load on short-term memory.
2. Howeer, medially , there is a large opacity consistent with a left lower lobe pneumonia asterisk.
3. Besides, there were comparatively larger veins which ran medially to the femoral ring and opened into the external iliac vein (found in 42.5%).
4. However, medially , there is a large opacity consistent with a left lower lobe pneumonia asterisk.
5. Result:The retromandibular vein was located medially to the temporofacial branch of facial nerve on 46 sides (94.7%) in 38 patients and 4 cadavers and laterally on 2 sides in 1 cadaver.
6. Lower lid margin. It should bow gently from medially to laterally, with the lowest point between the pupil and the lateral limbus.
7. In the seriously and medially burnt larch and scotch pine stand, the secondary insects inroad more quickly and the damage rate and insect population density are all higher.
8. Capsulitis may therefore extend far medially and laterally into the periosteum.
9. This consonant always occurs medially.
10. The sustentaculum talus is closely connected with the tendons and vessels running along medially.
11. To obtain a stronger as well as safer fixation of the S1PS, medially oriented screw placement is very important.
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12. The mesosalpinx is bounded by the fallopian tube superiorly, the uterus medially, the ovary laterally, and the ovarian ligament inferiorly.
13. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that penetrates the deep fascia just below the anterior superior iliac spine is identified and retracted medially along with the sartorius muscle.
14. It damaged all the soft tissue arosed from fractures medially and laterally, included adductor hallucis, quadratus plantae, flexor digitorum brevis and abductor digiti minimi as well.
15. The nutrient arteries of abducens nerves were originated from the dorsal meningeal arteries, and 83 3% of them traversed Dorellos canal by one stem, medially to abducens nerves.
16. Conclusion: 1. The cephalic vein and the cut coracobrachial muscle - short head of biceps brachii muscle must be medially spaced out.
17. The interface between the lung and the effusion is usually concave medially and is termed a meniscus.
18. Ask the patient to make a fist, extend and spread his fingers, flex his wrists, and extend them, and move his hands laterally and medially.
19. This allows circumferential access by the creation of full-thickness skin flaps medially and laterally as needed.
20. The auricular cartilage supports the vertical canal while the horizontal canal, coursing medially and distally, is surrounded by annular cartilage.
21. The left ulnar artery originated from the brachial artery at the height of the left inferior angle of the left scapula and passed medially to the brachial artery and the median nerve.
22. As a result, cervical lateral mass screws are generally smaller in length and diameter with starting points, which are medially aligned relative to thoracic pedicle screws.
23. The iliopsoas is also separated from the capsule by blunt dissection and retracted medially.
24. In general, the angular artery originates the lateral nasal artery, which passes medially along the cephalic margin of the lateral crura and gives off caudal branches toward the nostril rim.
25. Results: The abdominal segment of the left ureter ran medially and was close to the left mesocolon .
26. During left LPN , the spleen, splenic flexure and pancreas are reflected medially.
27. ResultsThe major sonographic appearance of thyroid carcinoma was single (72.9%), solid (79.7%), lowly or medially echoic (86.2%).
28. Above and on each side lateral to pituitary are the internal carotid and the anterior cerebral arteries, above which slightly medially are the optic nerves.
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