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Latched in a sentence

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Similar words: patchedhatchedmatchedthatchedscratchedunmatcheddispatchedA watched pot never boilsMeaning: [lætʃ] adj. firmly fastened or secured against opening. 
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1. The child latched onto his mother,unwilling to let her go.
2. Rob had latched onto me. He followed me around, sat beside me at lunch, and usually ended up working with me.
3. Unfortunately the press have already latched onto the story.
4. He latched onto Sandy at the party and wouldn't go away.
5. She latched on to his arm, hooking her other arm around a tree.
6. She soon latched onto the idea.
7. I haven't really latched on to what you mean could you explain it again?
8. The government have latched onto environmental issues to win votes.
9. She latched onto me as soon as she arrived, and I had to spend the rest of the evening talking to her.
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10. He latched on to 10 , 000 shares.
11. In the dancing party,a young girl latched onto the millionaire.
12. He closed the window and latched it.
13. He latched onto us and we couldn't get rid of him.
14. The collector knew that he had latched onto a rare antique.
15. He latched on to the truth.
16. He latched the door, tested it, and turned around to speak to Frank.
17. They latched on to walls and remained motionless.
18. These are probably latched on to by carp when digging for food.
19. Many have thus latched on to Oakeshott's use of tradition to identify him as a Burkean conservative.
20. Even Starbucks has latched on to the trend, adding a drive-through window at a store last month.
21. Wexford opened a latched horse-box door and entered the waiting room.
22. I latched on to her like my lifeline.
23. The analog input signal is latched on the rising edge of CLK.
24. It was a difficult concept to grasp , but Sam latched on very quickly.
25. It was a difficult concept to grasp, but I soon latched on.
26. Whoever controlled her handkerchief controlled her, and Demetros accidentally latched on to it as he tried to grab her.
27. Rangers continued to move forward and four minutes later Ferdinand latched on to a fine chip by Ian Holloway.
28. She had stupidly given him the name Marie and he had latched on to it.
29. The satellite was hooked to the arm for about an hour before it was slowly returned to its cradle and latched down.
30. He'd been in line for it this year until these two monkeys had latched on to him.
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