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Tuber in a sentence

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Synonym: Tubergenus TuberSimilar words: tubepubertyexuberantaubergineexuberancegubernatorialstubblebathtubMeaning: ['tuːbə(r) /'tju-] n. 1. a fleshy underground stem or root serving for reproductive and food storage 2. type genus of the Tuberaceae: fungi whose fruiting bodies are typically truffles. random good picture
1. The potato is a tuber plant.
2. Pot the tubers with their crowns exposed in a loam-free potting compost.
3. The tubers should not be chilled during grading or during transit to the processing plant.
4. Another wizard with runners and tubers is famous vegetarian Linda McCartney.
5. This helps to reduce the number of green tubers.
6. Sweet Potato: A red-skinned tuber used like potatoes.
7. Rots also increased on recipient tubers when the donors were heavily infected but were free of gangrene lesions.
8. Start off dahlia tubers indoors or in the greenhouse to give you shoots for cuttings to increase your stock.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. Plant tubers in a 6in tray of moist potting compost so that their tops are just covered.
10. These bulbs, corms or tubers are also found in land plants, such as the daffodil, dahlia or potato.
11. I placed a pond lily tuber in the tank.
12. Truffle: Edible, underground fungus in the genus Tuber (class Ascomycetes, division Mycota), prized as a food delicacy since antiquity.
13. Here is another tuber with tuberous sclerosis.
14. Fifteen alkaloids were isolated from the tuber of Corydalis turtschaninovii Bess. f. yanhusuo Y.
15. Released spores an washed down into the soil and on to the tubers by rain.
16. The hind limbs were strong and apparently adapted for scratch-digging, and Hyperodapedon could presumably dig up edible tubers and roots.
17. After storage, care must be taken not to chill tubers during grading and transportation to the factory.
18. When shoots can be seen, double check that none of the tubers are upside down.
19. A good solution is to harvest the crop early in September, storing the tubers out of harms way.
20. Multi-sprouting will induce more main stems which produce a larger number of small tubers.
21. Dairy production is much less labor-intensive than the production of cereals and tubers which it replaced.
22. The round black seed germinated that autumn and the following spring the plants developed long, woody tubers.
23. Despite their like origins and close M Ws , the starches are of considerable differences in M W and dispersity, the M W of tuber starch being the greatest.
24. In this study, the morphological characters of chimeras of tuber mustard and red cabbage were described, the acid phosphatase isozyme banding patterns and the molecular marker were analyzed.
25. Non-Aggresive2 minutes: This includes items such as Healthstone, Night Dragon's Breath, Whipper Root Tuber and Target Dummy.
26. The operating principles, structures and characteristics of avalanche photodiode(APD)and photomultiplier tuber(PMT)are presented.
27. The present invention relates to food processing technology , and is especially making process of salted tuber.
28. Amyloplasts are common in storage organs, e . g . the potato tuber.
29. With the in bags fish that soft qualitative compound film makes, flesh, pickled mustard tuber.
30. Said antalgic tincture is prepared from 12 Chinese-medicinal materials including notoginseng, burreed tuber, safflower, wild aconite root, etc. through mixing with solution of alcohol.
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