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Patched in a sentence

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Sentence count:78+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-08-19Updated:2017-08-19
Similar words: dispatchedmatchedhatchedthatchedscratchedunmatchedA watched pot never boilspatchMeaning: [pætʃt] adj. 1. mended usually clumsily by covering a hole with a patch 2. having spots or patches (small areas of contrasting color or texture). random good picture
(1) Jim patched up the broken vase before his wife noticed it.
(2) He patched together a mask for the fancy party.
(3) She was patched through to London on the satellite link.
(4) All the worn-out clothes have been nearly patched up.
(5) The wrecked bicycle was patched up and resold.
(6) He and Walker patched the barn roof.
(7) We patched up the wounded as best we could.
(8) A truce has been patched up.
(9) He patched new cloth to the old coat.
(10) She has patched up the dress.
(11) The doctor patched up the wounded soldier.
(12) They have patched up their quarrel.
(13) Emergency surgery patched up his face.
(14) The wrecked car was patched up and resold.
(15) The doctors patched up the wounded soldier and sent him back to fight again.
(16) France patched things up with New Zealand.
(17) The wall was patched with moss.
(18) A new plan was quickly patched together.
(19) They patched up their tiff again.
(20) A peace treaty was patched together on the same day.
(21) He has now patched up his differences with the Minister.
(22) The two parties patched up a hasty peace.
(23) They patched things up a week after their quarrel.
(24) The first decision that had to be made was whether the exsiting penal law could be satisfactorily patched up.
(25) The relations between the Toms and Shaws have been patched up.
(26) After the car crash[sentence dictionary][], the driver was taken to the hospital to be patched up.
(27) I do not think I have ever seen her wear a sari that is not neatly patched.
(28) Nicandra took the path leading away from pleasure-garden policies, through heavy laurels and on into a grove of hazels patched with sunlight.
(29) They built timber groynes and constructed chalk banks and patched up breaches as they occurred.
(30) Trash collection has improved, he said, leaf pickup has resumed and more than 35, 000 potholes have been patched.
More similar words: dispatchedmatchedhatchedthatchedscratchedunmatchedA watched pot never boilspatchpatchypatch updespatchdispatchwatcherhatchercatcherpatchworkcatchesratchethatchessatchelhatchethatcherypatchinessetchednotchedbotchedpitchedwretchedthatcherismhatchet job
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