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Ratchet in a sentence

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Similar words: hatchetbury the hatchetcatcherhatchercatchessatchelmatchedhatchedMeaning: ['rætʃɪt] n. mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction. v. move by degrees in one direction only. 
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1 He fears inflation will ratchet up as the year ends.
2 Raising the minimum wage would ratchet up real incomes in general.
3 The debate should ratchet up awareness of the problem among members of the general public.
4 The chair has a ratchet below it to adjust the height.
5 We're trying to ratchet down the administrative costs.
6 The debate will ratchet up a notch on Wednesday when the Commission publishes its report.
7 Raising the minimum wage would ratchet up real incomes where disparities are at their worst and need is most clustered.
8 Drive direction can be changed but the ratchet can't be locked out: operation was positive but fiddly.
9 The free-running ratchet mechanism allow changes of direction to be made with finger and thumb, without releasing the handle.
10 By the use of the ratchet, the investors agree to share success with the management.
11 Another sinister plot; another twist of the federal ratchet.
12 There is a sort of upward ratchet effect where each achievement level becomes the baseline for the next change.
13 Just as a ratchet turns easily one way but can not turn back,( so genetic defects inevitably accumulate.
14 The ratchet wheel and pawl of automatic knife feed mechanism in PASSIM80 cigarette maker had to be replaced frequently because of serious wear.
15 Feed system, hydraulic ratchet mechanism, enabling mobile feed and manual feed , and flexible operation.
16 Besides, according to army should decide the cycle of contract and avoid the"ratchet wheel"of quality regulation.
17 Wrong selection of winding ratchet wheel.
18 The Bilgewater Port offers transportation to Kul'Tiras and Ratchet.
19 If nothing else, Kim should ratchet down the rhetoric out of his own family's self-interest.
20 The flowing channels are set on the ratchet wheel dial, which are corresponding to the water diversion grooves that are uniformly distributed on the water diversion plate.
21 A ratchet spring provides tensile force to the ratchet pawl.
22 A ratchet pawl locks or releases the ratchet slider.
23 The idea was to capture the shelf space, lower prices, gain customers and then slowly ratchet prices back up.
24 A nylon webbing strap is wrapped around the frame and is then tightened using a ratchet action of the clamp head.
25 In Syria, Russia and China have blocked efforts to ratchet up pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, partly out of anger with what they view as a military mission in Libya that exceeded its writ.
26 This pumping unit is made up of supporting frame, ratchet reversing gearbox, touch the pump body, make way for agencies, balance weight protection, brake mechanism.
27 On receiving an impulse, the electromagnet coil be comes energized and attracts the armature, causing the pawl to turn the ratchet wheel through a definite number of teeth.
28 We must make sure that the business - custom relationship is a profit ratchet.
29 Everybody expects to be above average, so you get this ratchet effect.
30 Pulse electromagnetic DC motors, in their simplest form, consist of electromagnet with armature and ratchet wheel mounted on shaft. The right end of armature carries pawl.
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