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Thatcherism in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-05-18Updated:2017-05-18
Similar words: thatchhatcherhatcheshatchethatchedhatchet jobbury the hatchethatchMeaning: n. (England) the political policy of Margaret Thatcher. 
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1. Now Thatcherism is being put to the same test as Keynesianism was.
2. On this test, Thatcherism has achieved a partial success.
3. Only the most zealous supporters of Thatcherism were in favour of the tax.
4. We can see that the economic aims of Thatcherism have been contradictory to its moral postures.
5. The Victorian values so cherished by Thatcherism served the same hypocritical purpose.
6. And trade unions, though obviously weakened by Thatcherism, are indubitably more popular institutions than they have been for decades.
7. You hear it all the time, as Thatcherism makes its long march against the historical inevitability of socialism.
8. Under his benign regime, Thatcherism as a model of social transformation will continue to work its way through the system.
9. Thatcherism was widely viewed at the time as a mad right-wing aberration which the people would not stand for long.
10. Although Thatcherism denounced past policies, it affected to return to past philosophy.
11. Third term Thatcherism became grounded in the imaginary place that was called the inner city.
12. This, of course, was the great paradox of Thatcherism.
13. The government had retreated: radical Thatcherism backed off from fundamental reform of the system.
14. Reaganism (or, in its British form, Thatcherism) was right for its time.
15. This, in short, became the essence of Thatcherism.
16. In practice as well as in theory, Thatcherism is in the process of being abandoned.
17. And, again as with Thatcherism, there is a hint of a big idea.
18. But, as so often with Thatcherism, behind the private sector promise lay a public sector bung.
19. Their vision of society was collectivist, grass-roots oriented and utterly antithetical to the privatised and mortgaged paradise of Thatcherism.
20. It does not, in other words, bear the hallmarks of Thatcherism.
21. In this sense, Mr Major is child and heir of Thatcherism, smile and smile as he may.
22. I think Casualty was very much engaged with what it was like to live under Thatcherism.
23. We were in such a state we decided to swallow what seemed the bitter pill of Thatcherism.
24. What used to be like the Old Vic has become the vaudeville of Thatcherism Undone.
25. No details are given of this hitherto unknown organisation, but the platform put forward by the paper looks like pure Thatcherism.
26. The Conservative achievement in the 1980s was to put Labour on the defensive by presenting Thatcherism as a continuation of historic Conservatism.
27. What exactly is of value in this nouveau-riche southern heartland of Thatcherism?
28. Yet there's little sense of the outside world, the human cost, or the ripple effect, of divisive policies. Here is a movie that gives us Thatcher without Thatcherism.
29. The completion of the M25 now seems to symbolise the high-water mark of Thatcherism.
30. Thatcherism:Mrs. Thatcher firmly believed in self-reliance and what has come to be known as privatization. Her policies are popularly referred to as Thatcherism.
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