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Colloquial in a sentence

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Antonym: literarySimilar words: loquaciouscollarcollectcollegecollapsefollowroll outcollectorMeaning: [kə'ləʊkwɪəl] adj. characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation. 
1) It's hard to understand the colloquial idioms of a foreign language.
2) They have little acquaintance with colloquial English.
3) " Movie " is a colloquial word for " moving picture " .
4) Although some students have a good grasp of colloquial language,( few have ever got to grips with the concept of register.
5) There is nothing colloquial about the auditor calling the company his/her client.
6) It may be very colloquial and the voices are often distorted.
7) This tale was collected in the Louisiana Creole colloquial speech.
8) This should be extended to include short colloquial phrases.
9) There is a colloquial standard to learn on the playground and a literary standard to learn in class.
10) It's a useful little phrase book, full of colloquial expressions.
11) The best way of improving your colloquial English is by listening to native speakers.
12) For an ordinary wedding a colloquial way of speaking will be suitable.
13) There is also growing differentiation between colloquial and literal vocabulary.
14) To eliminate or locate colloquial words there are dictionaries of slang.
15) Our special aim is for missioners to speak colloquial Taiwanese ( Hakka ) well.
16) There are multiple colloquial terms for psilocybin mushrooms(, the most common being magic mushrooms or 'shrooms.
17) The second chapter describes andand colloquial reading of Kaihui dialect.
18) His language is smooth, easy, colloquial and mostly vernacular.
19) If say oneself know English, that deceives people, colloquial flooey is gotten very, total meeting blames an environment, it is interest and persistence actually, I think a society really.
20) The literal and colloquial phenomena in Min dialect have invoked the interests of the academia, and subsequent discussions on different sub-groups of the dialect.
21) Birdbrain has long been a colloquial term of ridicule. The common notion is that birds' brains are simple, or so scientists thought and taught for many years.
22) Ken, compadre, I admire the colloquial style.
23) His stumbling attempts at colloquial Russian amused her.
24) You shouldn't use phrases like "sort of" in essays -- they're too colloquial.
25) The wire services demanded language stripped of the local, the regional, and the colloquial....
26) Catledge inserted the more rustic touches, a kind of hominy style that gave their writing a colloquial flavor.
27) This brilliant, caustic, rambling satire is written in a colloquial style.
28) Imagists---A group of mainly American poets, including Ezra Pound and Amy Lowell, who used sharp visual images and colloquial speech; active from 1912 to 1914.
29) The word "Knickerbocker", a Dutch surname, is used as a colloquial term for New Yorkers descended from the origin al Dutch settlers.
30) The folk customs in Min dialect areas breed and develop the local colloquial languages.
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