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Quite in a sentence

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Synonym: absolutelycompletelyentirelyexceedinglyratherreallytrulyverySimilar words: quite a fewequitysuiteubiquitousguitarcircuitrecruitlawsuitMeaning: [kwaɪt] adv. 1. to a degree (not used with a negative) 2. to the greatest extent; completely 3. of an unusually noticeable or exceptional or remarkable kind (not used with a negative) 4. actually or truly or to an extreme. 
1 He that is full of himself is very [quite] empty. 
2 Words and deeds are quite indifferent 23modes of the divine 24energy. Words are also action, and actions are a kind of words. 
3 To say is one thing; to do is quite another. 
4 He was quite agreeable to accepting the plan.
5 The rules of the game are quite simple.
6 The path began to climb quite steeply.
7 Let me be quite candid with you: your work is not good enough.
8 The exam went quite well,( except at the end when I tripped up on the final question.
9 Don't worry?it's quite usual to have a few problems at first.
10 Abnormalities in the cells can be seen quite clearly under a microscope.
11 I am quite unqualified to talk on this subject.
12 Monkeys in the New World evolved quite separately from those in the Old World.
13 My legs still felt quite shaky.
14 It all seemed quite rational to me.
15 Level of education is actually quite a poor indicator of ability to run a business well.
16 Joe's quite fond of her[], isn't he?
17 He's quite capable of lying to get out of trouble.
18 Tom is quite familiar with the author.
19 The water gets quite shallow towards the shore.
20 I've eaten so much, I'm really quite uncomfortable.
21 It was quite some time before they break through the enemy's blockade.
22 The two concepts are quite distinct .
23 She is not quite herself today.
24 I have quite a good relationship with my parents.
25 At school I was quite good at arts, but hopeless at science.
26 Unfortunately these drugs are quite toxic and hinder the body's ability to fight off infection.
27 Thought is in the solid dream and the quite memory.
28 The oppressive afternoon heat had quite tired him out.
29 Though John and Andrew look exactly alike, they act quite differently.
30 Obviously what she did was wrong, but I don't think it warranted quite such severe punishment.
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