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Burnt in a sentence

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Synonym: bakedburnedburned-outburned-overburnt-outSimilar words: turn toburnburnerburn upburn outburnishburningburnishedMeaning: [bɜːn] adj. 1. ruined by overcooking 2. having undergone oxidation 3. treated by heating to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point 4. hardened by subjecting to intense heat 5. destroyed or badly damaged by fire. 
1. A burnt child dreads the fire. 
2. He who has burnt his mouth blows his soup. 
3. The burnt child fears the fire. 
4. The city was burnt to a desolate waste.
5. All his belongings were burnt in the fire.
6. I burnt my tongue on some soup last night.
7. Burnt child dreads the fire.
8. He burnt the tips of his fingers.
9. The child sat trifling with the burnt bread upon his plate.
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10. The exhaust valve on my car has burnt out.
11. The crust of the bread is burnt.
12. The plane was completely burnt out after the crash.
13. Half the candle had burnt away.
14. Burnt bairns dread the fire.
15. A cinema was burnt out in north London last night. Police suspect arson.
16. The first batch of cakes was burnt.
17. The president was burnt in effigy.
18. The house burnt to ashes.
19. I'm afraid I've burnt the pizza.
20. Two children were burnt to death in the fire .
21. The room grew colder as the fire burnt down.
22. He covered his tracks, burnt letters and diaries.
23. The smoke soared and the fire burnt.
24. His face was badly burnt by the hot sun.
25. The cancer cells are burnt out using a laser beam.
26. It is too late to come with the water when the house is burnt down. 
27. I was astonished when I heard the hospital had burnt down.
28. There was a patch of raw skin on my back where the sun had burnt it.
29. A tattered flag hung from the roof of the burnt - out building.
30. By the time the fire - brigade arrived the fire had burnt ( itself ) out.
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