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Baryon in a sentence

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Similar words: try oncarry-oneveryonecarry oncryonicsembryonicembryonaltry one's bestMeaning: n. any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions; a hadron with a baryon number of +1. 
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1. Baryon performs solo and in duo with percussionist Mina Cinelu who also plays guitar, banjo, mandolin and synthesizer.
2. Here is a little explanation of the Baryon version.
3. The masses of masons and baryons are calculated non-relativistically with a simple harmonic potential where in two different forms are suggested for the baryon potential.
4. He is the principal investigator of the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey – or BOSS – project.
5. The quarks have not only baryon number and charge but also lepton charge.
6. The set-up for a baryon number experiment including the detector and the data acquisition system is introduced.
7. The baryon magnetic moments are studied by using a relativistic potential model.
8. I am among those who routinely phrase the baryon asymmetry question as "Why is there more matter than antimatter?
9. Once again, the 6.20 updater has the 09g Baryon as a 04g so if it could run on it's own, it will flash 04g modules.
10. It is studied Baryon excited states for quark confinement and chiral symmetry breaking.
11. Baryon number transport and stopping provide entirely different initial condition for the probably produced QGP.
12. These so-called baryon acoustic oscillations offer another yardstick for measuring the expansion rate of the universe over time and putting limits on the value of dark energy.
13. The model number is determined from the Baryon.
14. The baryon numbers are absolutely conserved in the Standard Model.
15. Firstly, the understanding of baryon dark matter is reviewed, and the dark celestial body in our galaxy is called massive astrophysical compact halo object (MACHO).
16. In additions, we can find that the strange matter density where the -condensate emerges is led to the ratio of the nucleon number to baryon number.
17. A agreement between experimental values and the calculated results of constituent quark model is obtained for baryon spectra and strong, electromagnetic, weak decay of baryons .
18. Due to the asymptotic freedom of QCD, the determination of heavy baryon mass spectroscopy must resort to non-perturbative technique.
19. The evolution and dilepton production of a chemically equilibrating quark-gluon plasma system at finite baryon density have been studied.
20. The experimental status of some small underground experiments of baryon number conservation is simply introduced in this paper.
21. We present an introduction to the basic idea, the method and the application of CHPT,( and emphasize the recent development in the formalism and the application of baryon CHPT.
22. But for some other spin-flavor states, the quark exchange effect is favorable for mixing the two baryon clusters together to form dibaryon.
23. The BES experiment at Beijing electron-position collider provides an excellent laboratory for the research of Baryon spectroscopy.
24. The result is a set of coupled, nonlinear integral equations for the baryon self-energy with a self-consistency condition on the single-particle spectrum.
25. The historical development, the achievement and the remaining problems of the nuclear force and baryon interactions are reviewed in this paper.
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