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Vexation in a sentence

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Sentence count:36+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-10Updated:2017-01-10
Synonym: annoyanceannoyingbotherationchafeconcernheadacheirritationworrySimilar words: subluxationexasperationexaminationratificationgratificationnationorationrelationMeaning: [vek'seɪʃn] n. 1. anger produced by some annoying irritation 2. the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed 3. something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness 4. the act of troubling or annoying someone. 
1. She was crying with vexation and shock.
2. His face showed his vexation at the delay.
3. He kicked the broken machine in vexation.
4. Erika stamped her foot in vexation.
5. She sat down and cried in vexation.
6. To Meryl's vexation, the boundary wall proved to be nearly eight feet high.
7. The Cardinal coloured with vexation.
8. The wife also claimed damages for mental stress, vexation and strain caused by the defendants' negligence.
9. He cried with vexation.
10. The new vexation like the criminal do thing which the people can not be allowed, consistently make a surprise attack on your nerve, and then your mind police can not overmaster your flesh vexation.
11. Factitious what always wants to bring vexation on self, how should do?
12. The old feeling of indulgent tenderness overcame her vexation, and she grew thoroughly moved and alarmed.
13. Wisdom aries out of vexation, and vexation dissolves in wisdom.
14. Bertha threw off her troubled looks and the vexation that the argument had caused her.
15. Much to my vexation, I just missed a chance of visiting China.
16. This in itself was a terrible vexation to the archdeacon.
17. " Now , Melly, I shall cry with vexation if you argue with me.
18. He preferred the vanity and vexation to the silence and unmovableness of the grave.
19. She was miserable in considering how much unsuspected vexation was probable ready to burst on him.
20. After several unsuccessful attempts to start his car, he swore in vexation.
21. Complaints lasting for days or weeks from excitement of the emotions, worry or vexation.
22. If the biblical fates go against him, Herluin will take all the vexation and shame out on Tutilo, with usury.
22. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
23. With tongue and teeth he gave a tight rasp and turned away in boredom or vexation or distaste.
24. Lin Pei - shan smiled wryly, and threw Fan Po - wen a sly glance of pretended vexation.
25. The trees outside the window rustled as if they were laughing at his vexation and confusion.
26. After the old couple got over their initial surprise, vexation followed.
27. He was facing a life of toil and drudgery and vexation.
28. With a cup of China's famous wine , all vexation is cast to the winds.
29. Wu Sun - fu glanced down at the shadows , then stamped on them in his vexation.
30. The soup fell out of the long bill of the crane at every mouthful, and the crane's vexation at not being able to eat afforded the fox much amusement.
More similar words: subluxationexasperationexaminationratificationgratificationnationorationrelationequationoperationlocationdurationablationzonationrationalcreationlibationformationeducationnegationnationaldonationvariationallegationagitationelevationadorationalleviationcollationradiation
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